This Week in UGH: Week of February 25 - March 3, 2018

The Poison

  1. Gun Worship, Gun Violence: I was looking forward to one week, ONE WEEK, I wouldn’t have to write about gun violence. Not only do I get to write about the continuing gun violence around the United States, but I also get to write about GUN WORSHIP. A cult masquerading as a Christian church held a commitment ceremony for over 250 crown-wearing, gun toting couples in what sounds like the bad plot of a Handmaid’s Tale prequel fanfic. This cult, though, is a perfect metaphor as to where some people in our country stand on guns and gun control. They hold their guns as symbols of freedom and commitment, as God-given rights, all the while regarding things like healthcare and providing citizenship as a privilege. As if gun worshipping, crown wearing folks weren’t bad enough, a teacher fired a gun in a classroom in Georgia and a Central Michigan student killed his parents on campus using his father’s gun.
  2. The President is Making a Profit off Hats: In things that are truly disgusting to democracies everywhere, Trump is now selling “American Dreamer” hats on his website for the low, low price of $50 a pop. Not only is it enraging that he is selling merchandise off his political propaganda, like a cozy tie in to the circus the presidency has now become, but it is propaganda that appeals to the anti-immigration, nazi sympathizing, spineless cowards of the base (who truly believe immigrants have taken over their jobs). Using the propaganda machine for profit and to disseminate more hatred and fear. LOVELY.
  3. Creationism Taking Over, Among Other Things: Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator, believes that evolution is an unproven theory, among other supposedly Christian beliefs, according to unearthed recordings from 2005. I say “supposedly Christian” because some people filled with hate will use Christianity as a shield against very valid accusations. This long-held tradition of using Christianity as a shield is as American as apple pie, unfortunately.  

The Antidote

  1. Call your representatives and demand gun control. Demand better healthcare.
  2. Call your representatives about DACA. Don’t let this rhetoric of “American Dreamers” (aka, White People Are the Only Ones Allowed in America) reign supreme. Help amplify the voices of DACA recipients.
  3. Keep an eye on the heads of all these departments. Hold them accountable.
  4. BONUS: Call a friend and catch up. It’s good for the soul.
Adriana WilsonComment