This Week in UGH: Week of March 25-31, 2018

The Poison

  1. Surprising Absolutely No One, the White House’s New Interns are MAGA-Approved (Mostly White): The lack of diversity is disappointing on so many levels. At this point, it’s not that this surprises me, more like it enrages me and reminds me that we will have to pick up the pieces and rebuild after this hetero-normative, whitewashed identity politics runs its course. One can only hope that it’s on its last vestiges.
  2. Stormy Daniels Speaks, and While She Details Abusive Behavior, She Never Claims to be a Victim: I think the part that shocked me the most about Anderson Cooper’s interview of Stormy Daniels, the woman claiming to have carried on an affair with Donald Trump, was her refusal to name herself as a victim, even though the situation may have warranted it. Our culture is toxic to women, so much so that we think that we somehow deserve for things to happen to us, for barriers to be crossed if we stay out past a certain arbitrary hour or if we meet with a person in private.
  3. Laura Ingraham is a Terrible Human Being: Do you know what’s lower than being a pundit that parrots politically incorrect views in order to get ratings? When someone takes a victim of a tragedy and mocks them for being an actual teenager, relishing in their apparent defeat. Talk about being a two-dimensional Disney villain. That’s exactly what pundit/Fox News show host Laura Ingraham did and then tried to backpedal with the excuse of the Holy Week, if by Holy Week we mean losing advertisers for her show. Money talks, and advertisers are fleeing. Good riddance, Laura Ingraham. She’ll be taking a week off, which is probably code for fixing her image in her lair (probably through ritual sacrifices in the name of the Orange Buffoon).


The Antidote


  1. Let’s start thinking on how we’re going to rebuild this whole mess. I’ve got nothing more.
  2. Destroy the patriarchy systematically. Don’t speak to yourself in the way we’ve been taught to, to take blame when it is not our fault. Rise. Also, support intersectional feminism.
  3. Contact the advertisers this show still has and put the pressure there.
  4. BONUS: Father Brown is a delightful British murder mystery following a Roman Catholic Priest who is too smart for his own good; also, murders keep happening? Season 6 is out on Netflix.
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