This Week in Ugh: Week of February 11-17

When I was sixteen, we had a wonderful chemistry teacher in our little parochial school.  I did exceptionally well in her class; chemistry just made sense to me. She took four of us under her wing to compete in AChS competitions and we met each week to go over our progress.

At one of our pre-competition meetings, she gifted us each a stuffed Care Bear. She handed one of my classmates Sunshine Bear because she was a delight to be around, she explained. When it got to be my turn, she handed me Grumpy Bear. Before the hurt could register, she cheerfully told us all that it seemed like the perfect embodiment of me, since I was always upset about some classmate saying sexist things, about some social issue, and that I had so much anger about it all. 

This was not the first time someone had remarked about my anger or tried to fix me by telling me I should be lighter, happier, and fun. I’ve been told to be quieter and compliant, to mold myself in the image of a cheerfully passive woman. I refuse to contort myself, to give more pieces of myself away, to dim my brightness so people find me more approachable. It’s been a long road, but I’ve embraced my identity as a person frustrated at the state of the world, a person who demands better of others and herself. I am angry and I will use it to fuel me.

In the spirit of embracing my brand of indignant anger, I’d like to welcome you, dearest of readers (I really love me some Jane Eyre narration), to my weekly series, This Week in Ugh. I’ll write about the enraging stuff that happened around the United States in the last week, which seems to be a massive undertaking, the way the news cycle is going. Without further ado, here we go.

This Week in UGH: Week of February 11-17, 2018

The Poison:

  1. Mass Shooting in Parkland, Florida (Feb 14): What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK. Why does this keep happening without us having any kind of gun reform passing Congress? Why are the adults at the table more enamored with their ideas of the second amendment and less enamored with ACTUAL PEOPLE? Listen, we’ve heard the whole guns don’t kill people, people kill people, which, is a terrible way to argue that we should leave a super easy way to kill people without any regulations at all. This shouldn’t keep happening.
  2. White People Fake Claim of Being Attacked at Black Panther Showings (Feb 15): This week in white nonsense, white folks have taken to the internet to post gruesome stock images claiming to have been attacked at a Black Panther showing. Only in white nonsense do people fabricate stories to claim victimhood in an attempt to take yet something more away from people of color. In this white fantasy-land, they are the oppressed while they hold all the cards and privilege. Victimhood is a mantle they want to take on with none of the consequences that being an actual victim entails. Oh, and being called out for your racism is not persecution, white people, it’s just alerting you to the fact that when you say not everything is about race. The fact that white people have to invent a scenario where they’re not welcome (in the same way people of color are NOT welcome in their spaces) is indicative of the insidious nature of race relations in the United States. Not much has changed and I, for one, am ready for this shit to stop.

The Antidote:

  1. Call your representative and don’t stop until gun regulations that make sense are in place. Shame them into it, if necessary. Actually, just open with the shaming. They deserve it. There are free ways that make this super easy, like
  2. Go watch Black Panther. It has one of the best villains in Marvel history, and it is fun as hell. Also, check out #WakandaCametoSlay and prepare to be OBSESSED.
  3. BONUS: Watch the Queer Eye Netflix reboot. It’s good for the soul.
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