5 Reminders for Self-Care

As September comes to a close, let’s take a moment to reflect on how well we’ve been tending to ourselves. We are busy creatures that do a lot for others and work hard at it. Are we taking the same care of our body, mind, and spirit? Here are five ways to tune-in. 


 1. MOVE. Find time to do daily, full-body check-ins. Stretch/dance/walk/groove; move your body.



May I suggest a 20 min walk around the neighborhood? Perhaps you can get off 1 or 2 stops early on your bus or train commute. Try flowing through a 10 min Sun Salutation, checking in with the whole body.


2. Drink water. All day — more water than soda, tea, coffee, or alcohol. 


Staying hydrated is necessary for the flow & functioning of your whole body; from breathing to circulating blood, to diffusing & absorbing nutrients, to filtering out excess & things you don’t need ... Systems that are affected by water: nervous, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, renal, digestive, reproductive, muscular, skeletal ... water is crucial to the optimal operation of your incredible mass - don’t skimp on it! 


 3. Eat nourishing food. How colorful is your plate?



“Eat yer veggies” means more than just greens! Where are the veggies in your meals? Garnish? Lucky if there’s lettuce? There’s more than kale! Try to get as many colors as you can in your food: beets, carrots, peppers, grains, beans, squash, berries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes... what else can you think of?




Especially as the season transitions out of Summer, stock up at your local farmer’s market! Try preserving food for the winter: canning, pickling, and drying are all great options to keep food; as well, many gourds and roots last a loooong time if stored properly.


4. Sleep. How well are you sleeping? How long in a night? Sporadic & light or in a heavy stupor?



Every body is different and operates on its own biological clock/circadian rhythm - pay attention to yours. 


Try keeping a sleep log: note the time you actually turned the lights off & laid down your head, any times you woke up & for what reason, what time you awoke in the morning & if on your own or by an alarm or some other distraction, the quality of your sleep, and if you felt rested upon waking. 


Pro tip: drink a glass of water first thing after rising to help you transition out of sleep and into a powerful, productive day.


5. Create. What are you doing to honor your Creative Self?


How do you live creatively? That can be as simple as anything: doing a puzzle, writing down thoughts, wearing an article of clothing that you know others would not approve of ...  doing anything that is for you and not for someone else, something that ignites you. Being creative can mean thinking differently.

Keep a creative log: What did you do today for you? How did you honor your truth? How did you break out of a box? Try doing something you normally do, differently. Find another route to take to work. Switch up your evening routine. Talk to someone you usually would pass by. What else? 





Take care of yourselves, Cushies.