This Week in UGH: Week of April 15-21, 2018

The Poison

  1. Homework Assignment asks Students to Name Positive Aspects of Slavery: Continuing the trend of racial bias and rewriting of history that is rampant in the United States, a teacher asked students to name both positive and negative aspects of slavery. This assignment supposedly aimed to give students a “balanced view” of slavery, as if the exploitation and actual ownership of human beings is something that is up for debate. This is the same argument that people will use to mask other forms of exploitation as a complex scenario that has merits on “both sides.”
  2. Teen Vogue Editor Groped 22 Times at Coachella: Music festival culture is sometimes douchey, as any woman who’s ever been to one can attest to. This year, Vera Pasipova attended Coachella for the first time to interview women to see if they’d been sexually harassed at the event. Of the 54 women she interviewed, all of them had in the course of that weekend. Ms. Pasipova herself had been groped 22 times in the course of the ten total hours she spent at the festival.

The Antidote

  1. Let’s make sure that our teachers and the curriculums they are teaching do not seek to erase history or frame the horrible deeds of our past in a light that is favorable to white supremacy. Undercutting the horrible nature of slavery only serves the interest of white supremacy by indoctrinating children in thinking that oppression and exploitation may serve some greater purpose and have benefits on both the oppressed and on society.
  2. Speaking of indoctrination, let’s reject toxic masculinity in all its forms, including the permissiveness men can sometimes feel in settings such as concerts and music festivals in violating the spaces of women.
  3. BONUS: Treat yourself to some sort of mask, manicure, or other ritual that makes you feel rejuvenated. We need some pampering in our lives to offset the stress of reality.
Adriana WilsonComment