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Erin E. Barrio Founder & Editor in Chief

Lifelong desert dweller and endlessly seeking seeker, Erin is an avid reader, writer, and creative. After earning her MA in English at New Mexico State University, Erin moved to Albuquerque with her husband and three furry companions in 2015 to pursue new adventures together. Currently, she's another #womanintech working as the Communications Manager for a venture capital firm headwquartered in ABQ. A former adjunct professor for composition & writing courses at NMSU, Erin is passionate about books, feminism, and literacy. Erin created and founded Cushy as a space for womyn to express themselves in a safe space and form community. She she spends her time thrift store shopping, soaking up New Mexican sunshine, and curiously seeking.

Nat Davis 

Co-Founder & Visionary


Originally from the enchanted New Mexican desert, Natalie is a nomad at heart, and has moved around quite a bit, spending several years in Las Vegas and NYC. Her feet are currently planted in Portland, OR, but her neck is always turned slightly, looking for the next place she can sink her teeth into. Graduating with her bachelor's degree in Arts and Fashion Design in 2012, Natalie is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, with certifications in Anatomy & Physiology and Health & Wellness Coaching. An avid practitioner and yoga enthusiast, Natalie has always had a reflexive relationship with what feels right for her body: from dancing to eating to who she spends time with. When she's not studying and writing for her degree, Natalie loves to dance, sing, think, laugh and play.

Adriana Wilson Co-Founder, Graphic Designer & Podcast Pioneer 

Former island girl, unabashed feminist, and proud Boricua currently living in the desert, Adriana Wilson is a writer, editor, graphic designer, and voracious reader. Her life-long passion for reading and writing led her to pursue and complete a graduate degree in English. During her graduate school years, she began dabbling in graphic design as a stress-reliever. When she is not using her writing and analytical skills working as a Proposal Writer, Adriana is the creative force behind House 407 (@house407designs on instagram). She enjoys spending time with her husband and two rescue chihuahuas (Gael and Emmy).

Liz Haebe  

Co-Founder & Senior Editor

Currently living in Portland, OR but originally hailing from the desert of Las Cruces, NM, Liz is a writer, feminist, activist, and proud cat lady. When Liz isn't training to become a birthing doula or volunteering for Planned Parenthood, she enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction by writers who identify as women, but is open to all manner of voices. She loves herself a good ol' Broadway musical, and dances like no is watching, because, sometimes no one should be watching.... she concedes that's creepy.

Cassandra Sambrano

Co-Founder & Business Development 

Born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Cassandra was raised on recipes taught to her from her mother, whose mother taught her, so on. Graduating with her Bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing in 2013. Recently relocating to Albuquerque in 2016 for a career move, Cassandra resides in the historic Nob Hill district with her furry companion Lily. When she's not kicking ass as a young professional, Cassandra enjoys a good book, baking, cooking, and sharing a meal with friends and family.

Carli Rene Romero


Carli Rene Romero is a native New Mexican, who is in love with the state's blue desert mountains and won't give up red or green chili for the world. She is a community organizer, invested in cultivating feminine leadership, and transforming education in her state to support WHOLE learners.  She is currently studying for her master's in Educational Leadership at the University of New Mexico, and formerly founded and directed a branch of Shakti Rising in Las Cruces, NM.  Carli is publishing her very first poetry book, “Sistar, I See You…Writings of Women and Their Magical Ways” this August, and has written for Rebelle Society.  Her new motto is “a poem a day keeps the mind fucks at bay." 


Melanie Sweeney Bowen


Melanie Sweeney is a writer and maker living near Houston, Texas. She holds an MFA in creative writing from New Mexico State University and writes fiction and nonfiction, usually about motherhood and identity. Her nonfiction chapbook on motherhood, nature, and the body, Birds as Leaves, is available from The Lettered Streets Press. Sporadically, she teaches a workshop on journaling for authenticity in motherhood, and she blogs about writing and parenting at Melanie is a mother to a nearly five-year-old boy and two-year-old twin girls. As such, most of her writing and creative pursuits are relegated to night time, when nobody needs a new cup of water or to be removed from unsafe places like the kitchen counter. She sews custom doll carriers for kids and other items and dabbles in hand embroidery, which she sells at Microaffections on Etsy, and enjoys photography. Follow her creative projects @microaffections on Instagram.


Adriana Siler  


Though she was conceived in sunny (humid) Florida, Adriana Garcia considers herself a native New Mexican. She has been living in the shadows of the beautiful Organ Mountains for the last 23 years of her life, and tries spending as much time as possible exploring their rocky trails. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s in Information technology, while also working full time as the Life Enrichment Director at a local Assisted Living Community.  When she isn’t drowning herself in work or school, Adriana spends her time teaching her 2 children how to be decent human beings, getting snugs on the couch from her fiancé, or completely wrapped up in a random craft or garment she’s sewing (or about a billion other things, because we rest when we’re dead).  

Dani Adams 


A desert girl since birth, Danielle Adams hails from Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she earned her bachelor's in English from New Mexico State University. She currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she spends her time cooking from one of her many cookbooks, exploring the southwest, and reading anything she can get her hands on. While she spends her days focused on strategic event planning, she is, at heart, a daydreamer, a writer and an explorer.

Andrea N. Rodriguez 


Andrea N. Rodriguez was born and raised in Portland Oregon with a brief 2-year stint living in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico at age 9.  As longtime lover of books and movies Andrea, never saw herself reflected in mainstream media or in the books she read at school. After all these years, she decided to do something about it and has embarked on the adventure of story writing with the desire to create characters that little kids can see themselves in. While getting her BA at the University of Oregon, she discovered Ethnic Studies. It encompassed her love of history by telling the stories of underrepresented populations like her, so she switched majors from plain old History to Ethnic Studies and Journalism. She’s a newly hitched lady navigating married life and expecting her first child nicknamed Little Frijolito this fall in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead, her favorite time of the year. When she's not working on her stories, she enjoys running, dancing, movie watching, baking and laughing with her husband. When she’s not busy being pregnant, she also boxes and boulders. 

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Lori Fierro 



Originally from Texas Lori is a traveler, a speaker, an advocate, a yoga teacher, and a life skills trainer for those with disabilities. She is director of Tim's Big Heart Enterprises and is the owner and creator of The ALEX program.  Both companies are dedicated to working and inspiring those with disabilities all over the world. When Lori isn't jet setting around the globe with her job she is living in New Mexico, probably hiking or hanging out at the hot springs. Other noteworthy labels she would give herself:  Hugger. Nacho lover. Coffee addict. Magic worker. Soul seeker. Moon admirer. Hater of soggy bread.


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Danielle Schadler


Danielle is a registered nurse in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit in Atlanta, Georgia. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing in 2011 and has worked in ICUs all over the country, from New Mexico to Florida. She is a desert girl at heart, but enjoys exploring the deep south with her husband and two best friends. Her three dogs (Brick, Arya, and Gemma) and one cat (Luna) take up a lot of her free time. She is also an avid reader, gamer, and an active volunteer in the community. She is a terrible cook and a pun master.


Katie Russell


Katie; forever unsettled, always fidgeting, never relaxing, constantly dreaming of a sun-drenched elsewhere. Originally a typical tea-drinking Yorkshire girl from the North of England; she grew tired of stationary life, sold her possessions, saved her pennies and began her worldwide adventure. Obsessed with anything shiny or brightly coloured, Katie graduated with a degree in Fashion, but soon decided it was so last season and focused on photography and writing instead. An eco-warrior, a fierce feminist and a happy vegan, Katie dreams of a peaceful world where women are free to do as they please, animals are free from harm and Mother Earth is free from us all. Proud founder of @wherekatiegoes