Poetic Physics

As part of my 3 Bookish Resolutions for the New Year, I am setting out to read 3 books outside the realm of my comfort zone; books I would normally never pick up. 

Topics that would fit this category could include mathematics, sports, or science, to name a few. Determined to try new things, I picked up Carlos Rovelli's Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, and was not disappointed. 

Broken into seven lessons (that are in fact very brief), Rovelli quickly and poetically took me through complex ideas and theories I hitherto wouldn't have attempted to learn or research. 

Below are the seven lessons with links to brief descriptions from Rovelli's website: 

  • One: The Most Beautiful of Theories
  • Two: The Quanta
  • Three: The Architecture of the Cosmos
  • Four: Particles
  • Five: Grains of Space
  • Six: Probability, Time and the Heat of Black Holes
  • Seven: Ourselves
Erin E Barrio