5 Must-Reads for Valentine's Day

 It's Valetine's Day and you're in the mood for a sultry, sexy, romantic, passionate...book. 

Well, love I've got the list for you: 5 must-reads for Valetine's Day: 

1. Love & Misadventure

Lang Leav guides us through concise poems and beautiful illustrations from the low of heartbreak to the high of falling back in love again. Impeccably relatable and artfully constructed, Love & Misadventure is for the lyrical romantic, unabashed by cupid's hits & misses. 

2. The Romance of the Rose 

If you've ever written a poem in verse for that special someone, if you're that courtly-lover-chivalaric-romantic type, if you're into allegory and a fan of the middle ages, or if you're trying to win the affections of an English major, this is the book for you. 

3. The Possession 

Post-break up heartache: we've all been there. But few of us have examined that heartache at the introspective level faced in Annie Ernaux's book The Possession. This is for the philosophical lover, contemplative and introverted. 

 4. Poesia eres tu 

Written by Juan Cruz Iguerabide and illustrated by Gabriel Pacheco, Poesia eres tu muses on nature, mortality, love, and life in this gorgeous anthology perfect for speakers of the romance language Spanish.

5. Griffin & Sabine

The title says it all: in this extraordinary correspondence we follow an epistolary exchange between Griffin and Sabine in a truly artful text equipped with folded letters and decorative envelopes. Post-lovers delight in this playful read. 

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