Two of Swords

The Season of All Souls is upon us. In this time, we not only connect to the After-Life that has surrendered physical form on this plane, we connect to our own after-life.  The after-life of all that was seeded, birthed and realized through the seasons of Winter, Summer and Spring. This new moon cycle asks us to find balance while integrating the lessons and love we have received in the past three seasons. We are supported in a unique way during Autumn, to connect to the bodies and the spirits that we come from, wholly integrating and ultimately knowing our belonging to the whole - as descendents of not only Madre Tierra, but the stars.


ust as we call on those who have come before us, harnessing the wisdom of our ancestors as the veil lightens and spaces “thin”, we choose what we will continue to call on from the lives that we have thus far lead. There is a beautiful meme traveling through social media right now:

“We are the new ancestors.”

It is humbling and a bit scary to recognize that we are the ones who will be called on for wisdom, love, grace, strength, and care for the oncoming generations. In the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estes,

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

I have to ask myself if I am embodying those things that I seek from my ancestors right now? Am I waiting until I have returned to my Soul form (which is not only present in this time, but ALL time) to be the presence that offers those gifts? How do I care for the seven generations that follow me in my every thought, word and action right now?




The Motherpeace Two of Swords invites us deeply into this inquiry.  As this woman stands naked and sturdy on her left leg (indicating intuitive and feminine grounding) she waves a sacred infinity symbol around her heart and mind.  She has her back to water, indicating that she has just ascended from an emotional cleansing, and stands under a bright moon in a dark sky.  Her two swords, representing mental thought and word energy, are used to cut, clear, and direct her into harmony. A balancing act, she chooses what in this next cycle of death-birth-death she will seed.



As we rightfully lean into the strength and grace of our ancestors, knowing deeply in our blood and our bones the presence of all of their wisdom, we also choose what legacy we will continue and which we will leave for compost. 


Many of us have done a long walk with La Llarona these past few months, allowing the waters of our grieving and longing hearts to well up with a clearing and uncomfortable urgency.  We have been initiated into a new phase, with vessels clear for channeling, receiving and reseeding.  Sometimes after a great cleansing, there is so much room for what is new that it can overwhelm.  The Two of Swords will help us align and direct our energy toward that which serves our Soul purpose most greatly.  When you are living a Soul-led life, you are leaving the most beautiful legacy possible, and becoming an ancestor that is one with the stars.  Take time to thank La Llarona or others that have been present with you this last few months.  Take time to thank and bless the gifts and the challenges, and then ground, center, balance, and clear your thoughts for the messages that matter.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

What and who have you been waiting for?

Carli RomeroComment