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Co-Founder Liz Haebe talks about what it means to be apart of the Cushy community.


When Cushy was founded in 2016 it began as a personal blog space for Erin E. Barrio, the primary owner and original founder. From there it began to organically grow into a community of like-minded women seeking a safe outlet for their creative expression. The Founders, or Foundiphery as they prefer to call themselves, formed when Erin strategically partnered with Liz Haebe, Adriana Wilson, and Nat Davis to help her fully realize the platform Cushy was growing into.

Today, Cushy is a vibrant digital community producing unique content through web, print, and audio platforms, and seeking to monetize on these creative offerings through our Shop (coming soon) of products highlighting and honoring the talents of our community members. Our shared believe is that community is key: key to our personal, professional, and creative growth and progress.  We exist to support and raise up each member of our community to feel confident and safe to express themselves through our multi-modal platform. 

Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, our Founders and Contributors are from across the U.S., spanning coast to coast. We are always looking for new contributors to join our community of writers, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

Thank you for your readership - on behalf of all the Founders and Contributors, we appreciate you! 

Our contributor Marina Daldalian talks about why she loves writing for Cushy and being apart of the community.