When I founded Cushy in 2016, I could not have anticipated what it would grow into, and the amazing women that would form our community. They are more than just contributors, and we are more than just a blog site. 

At Cushy, we believe that community is key; key to growth, progress, and a shared vision for a better future for everyone. We exist to support and raise up each member of our community to feel confident and safe to express their inner truths through our multi-modal platform. 

Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, our Founders and Contributors are from across the U.S., spanning coast to coast. We are always looking for new contributors to join our community of writers, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

Thank you for your readership - on behalf of all the Founders and Contributors, we appreciate you! 

Erin E. Barrio
Founder & CEO, Cushy