Self Care Challenge

Living in a time in which pop culture and social media encourage self-care is a beautiful thing. The emotional labor of daily life can take a toll, and it’s important that we take care of ourselves as whole human beings. What’s that saying? You can’t pour from an empty glass? That stands up to scrutiny.


The idea of a self-care challenge (or any kind of structured challenge, really) always gave me anxiety. What if I commit, a la New Year’s Resolution style, and then ultimately fail? What if I miss a day? What if I don’t like the assignment or challenge for that day, or it doesn’t apply? For this reason, I’ve designed this challenge to be a little less structured with many options. You can choose to do the challenge as frequent or as infrequent as you like, and you can choose each assignment (or make your own!) Simply pick a time frame, assign an activity for each day, week, or month, and voilà! Just try to keep the categories varied, so that you’re encompassing your mind, your body, and your spirit. You are a whole human being, after all!



Some of these suggestions are repeated, like listening to music, as they can cross categories. Also, feel free to add your own assignments and activities. What may be therapeutic for me, like practicing tarot, napping, and having a nightly moisturizing routine, may not be applicable or helpful for you. The most functional way to do this challenge may be to put each activity in your planner. Don't fret about doing one every day; pick a frequency and time frame that works for you. We hope this helps make you feel healthy, whole, and healed! After all, alliteration is always the answer.