New Moon in Gemini: Mother of Earth


Mother of Earth

A Wonderful Card for a Wily Time

As the New Moon in Gemini brings us an energy of movement, investigation and the complexities of duality, we can lean both into Mother Earth and the Mother of Earth for some nurturing and highly necessary TLC.

This Mother is all about nurturing care and compassion and the Earth element is particularly keen on tending to the body.

Gemini has an airy quality that engages and intrigues the mind in processes related to purpose. This is beautiful on its own and becomes more meaningful when grounded and actualized.

If you are anything like me, your mind is being pulled in many different directions right now. Each thread, beautiful and exciting in its own right; the threads altogether overwhelming and confusing without integration.

With so many ideas and possibilities popping right now, if we do not tend to our embodiment, our energy will easily leak. Our bodies are our containers —they are the vehicles by which our inspirations, dreams, energies and emotions meet the world around us and vice versa. In order to hold our life force well, these containers need to be sealed, sturdy, upright and sometimes still. If your life force is water, is it leaking?  Or is it being well contained and intentionally poured out?

These are essentially the questions, Mother of Earth asks us. She is a reminder that although we are Spiritual beings first, and embodied people second, our bodies carry our greatest potential and deserve loving nurture.

Does your container need rest? Perhaps healthy touch? Maybe time in nature or fuel from the sun. Perhaps it wants to be immersed in water and cleansed? Maybe your body want to be well fed, and nourished from the inside out. Perhaps it is thirsty and asking for extra water in desert heat. Maybe it simply needs gratitude. When is the last time you sang to your body, thanked your limbs and tendons and joints? When is the last time you danced in the mirror and looked upon each of your parts with love? These are some questions you can ask yourself in deciding how to nourish yourself with loving compassion.