Reflections On: Favorite Things About Spring

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Spring is here. Or, rather, it's trying to show itself in lots of ways. In Portland, our Spring shows up even in the darkest of days, with the rain sprinkling down and the clouds a pale gray, there will always be blossoms of beautiful pinks and purples on trees. It's always a surprise, but it's always lovely. Reading the weather report in other parts of the country, Spring is coming, but only after more rain and snow. My sister lives in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and they had a blizzard last week. It's the middle of April, and they had a blizzard. My mother tells me that the weather in New Mexico is going to be fairly warm, with the numbers somewhere in the 80's, and I've seen my friends' living in Phoenix already going to the splash pads and swimming pools. Ahh, weather, am I right?

So, with all of this talk about Spring, it got me thinking: what is my favorite thing about it? What does it mean to me? I've always felt as though Spring represented hope. The days become longer, the sun (or the light if you live in the Pacific Northwest) is out, and there's more energy buzzing about. Plans are being made, hikes are being taken, happy hours being celebrated outside. It really is a wonderful time. All of these thoughts got me wondering what my Cushy Community thought about Spring, so I did what any reasonable person would do, and I asked them! 

Favorite right now is the beautiful lilacs and their fragrance coming out of these stark bushes that look dry all year round! Love them!!!
— Carli Romero
WISTERIA. Longer days. Sunshine.
— Dani Adams
Texas wildflowers everywhere. The return of barn swallows, which hold a special place in my heart after a pair of them nested on our back patio in New Mexico. Nice enough weather that my kids and I can go to parks, the zoo, and other outdoor places (at least for a few weeks before the mosquitoes, heat, and humidity become unbearable). My birthday. Also, I tend to get really into fruit- and mint-infused water in the spring.
— Melanie Sweeney Bowen
Bare feet on grass, reading outside, and more sunlight.
— Danielle Schadler
Being out in the yard! The grass growing in thick and green, seeing my roses start to blossom, my cilantro is growing and I haven’t killed my Brussels sprouts yet (I have really terrible luck with those)! The shrill laughter of my kiddos as they run through the sprinklers. Grilling all kinds of amazing food (grilled asparagus. *drool*)

But I mean, let’s be real: we could probably do just fine without all of the wasps.
— Adriana Siler
There’s a tree in my backyard which I can see from my bedroom window. I moved into this house in August and watched the leaves turn and fall away, and I’m getting to see this tree through the spring for the first time. It’s been bare for months and in just a week or so it’s covered in green buds and playing host to many little songbirds. This tree is my favorite thing about Spring right now: watching it come alive is beautiful in its own right and affirming as a reminder that all life is a cycle and I can always have hope for a Spring.
— Marina Daldalian
I actually love the feel of the heat on your skin. To me that brings in energy that I feel slips away over the course of the winter. I find time to take breaks at work and walk outside in the sunshine. This was more important in Michigan when there was zero sun in the winter but I find myself still doing it here in Tucson.
— Kaitlyn Norman-Peters

What's your favorite thing about Spring? Do you love to get out and enjoy some fresh air? Do you enjoy hikes in the early morning sunshine? Take your dogs to the dog park? Let us know in the comments, and keep the Springtime excitement going!