New Moon Tarot: Three of Earth ~ Growth

New Moon in Aries


Three of Earth

Know Yourself as Co-Creator

Three of Earth: Growth

No kidding.  

Spring is in full swing and growth is viscerally expressing itself in nature’s patterns right now.  The beauty of this card is that it acknowledges the breaking of soil, the planting of seeds, and the realization of new life into full bloom. We have received a powerful companion to creation in this card, ya’ll!

Let’s talk about the significance of three. Three is a symbol of unity, of community, of creation. If you’re like me and grew up Catholic, three inevitably harkens back to the Holy Trinity, regardless of current spiritual orientation. The beauty, for me, as a young woman who was raised Catholic and now identifies with a much broader spiritual consciousness, is that the symbolism of the trinity can hold a universal translation.  

Holy Spirit   ↔ Soul

Father         ↔ Divine Consciousness/Spirit/God

Son             ↔ Embodiment/Earth  (this is where your physical being comes in)      

Call me sacrilegious, but my interpretation includes all people as embodiments of the divine and that leaves a lot more room for inspired co-creation in the world we inhabit. I believe in Jesus, the same way I believe in YOU. Jesus, had the wisdom to capitalize on love, and lead a life of alignment with Source, just as you and I have the opportunity to do each day that we are here.

Spring and the Pink Moon—arriving on April 16—are calling us full force back into loving creation with the abundant beauty Mother Earth is gracing us with, and the passion of Aries to help us break new ground.  

For seeds to grow, they must break ground. Aries is a fire sign and a bulldozer. What it can’t knock down, or break through, it burns up. The greatest way to understand Aries is to meet one.  Two of my closest friends are some of the most chingon women I know, and they are rupturing a long-standing system in tangible ways, because barriers are opportunities for growth to them. Opportunities to educate, connect, build and re-write foundations that were built on falsities. This is part of their Soul’s calling cards, and this month it is part of yours as well.

This is your time to water the seeds of your Soul’s truth with fiery love. The last New Moon cycle was about follow through and closure; now we are moving ahead with some accomplishments behind us and the sun-synergy of Spring to fuel our rebirth.

You have gold to mine within you. You are a treasure chest ready for some time in the sun.  Manifestation is asking you for movement, so your gems can shine along with all the flowers that paint our next Full Moon pink.

There is a season for everything. Right now is the season to shine. Just like the wild wisteria that decorates Burque’s air with beautiful color and fragrance, you are meant to be felt and seen and known in the beauty you came to this Earth to create.

So… this is wonderful, and inspiring and romantic, but there is some dirty work involved in planting, and there is continual watering involved in growing. This is not the season to deep dive into all the past and all the pain, and walk through the stories that we traverse in winter. However, you may need to say a strong “no” to some of the pieces that divide your attention from your creative power in order to harness the offering of this moon.

If people are trying to send you on guilt trips, say no. If your inner doubt is spinning you into negative self-talk, say no. If your inner critic is asking how others will respond to that idea whispering itself more strongly to you, say, “so what?”  Call in that Aries fire that eats up all the questions, and moves with a masculine life force; and do the thing your heart and Soul is asking you to do! WATER your ideas with as much love as you can muster. If you can’t muster it, listen to Lisa Nichols, Abraham Hicks, Oprah, Richard Roehr, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda—whoever you feel nourished by. Call or text a friend and ask them to remind you of your greatness if you need to. Aries is bold, courageous, asks for forgiveness not permission, and gets shit done.  

You got this.  Go forth and shower the world with your own version of divinity.

Use your breath, use Spring’s wind, and allow yourself to feel inspired.

Earth is breathing inspiration into all of life for us this season. Seeds planted, over years and decades past are blooming with strength, beauty and resilience all around to demonstrate that life does run its course, given the proper intention and attention. Recognize that the trees, bushes and flowers thriving all around this season began in the void. They were either sprinkled by the wind or by another person on this Earth. They were seeded with a vision of beauty and utility, and are now a reality. When we do the work, we will see our dreams realized.

So, my fellow Earthlings, do the work. Bring your inspiration into matter, and know yourself as Co-Creator.

With lots of love and belief to all your Soul Seeds,


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