An Ode To My Favorite YouTuber, Emilia Fart

On September 9, 2018, I caved to the YouTube algorithm and finally clicked the thumbnail for an Emilia Fart video.

A round, soft face surrounded by a peach feather boa filled the screen. Neck covered in a beige cotton scarf. Bright white winged eyeshadow, noticeable even from the tiny thumbnail, appeared as if Emilia had painted her eyelids with white-out.

She begins the video with a dramatic display of her various colored cotton robes, pops open a red lace fan, smacks her lips, and proclaims:

“I was born an insufferable attention whore.”

Eleven seconds was enough to capture my attention. At 3 minutes, 47 seconds, her voice deepens, and she looks directly into my eyes:

“My hair has been green for seven years. I have been wearing robes for six years. I haven’t been seen without a boa in one year. Maybe it seems like I am becoming more deranged as time goes on. Maybe it seems like I’m becoming more pathological with each passing day. Or maybe, the older that I get, the more I accept the little girl inside of me who wants to wear elaborate princess costumes to the grocery store. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Or maybe, I’m finding it. *dramatic mouth pop* ”

Originally, I thought Emilia Fart was a character - a carefully crafted eccentric developed to maximize YouTube views. But by the end of this video, I came to the conclusion that Emilia Fart is one of the realest people I have ever seen on the internet, and also a creative genius.

I proceeded to watch over 40 Emilia Fart videos in the past month. A smattering of my selections:

(I mostly love the ones where she answers viewer questions while sitting in a bathtub and eating junk food off a painting of a tiger)

Emilia Fart is weird. She wears weird makeup and weird robes. She once filmed herself going on a date with a hamburger. She has several framed pictures of Kim Kardashian hanging in her apartment.

But through her weirdness, Emilia has tapped into something incredible. She blends comedy, drama, and reality with a flair so unique, it’s a wonder she doesn’t have five million subscribers.

Last year I wrote a blog post about what it means to be authentic, vulnerable, and transparent. I used Brené Brown’s TedTalk as a starting point, but still feel as though I failed to articulate the true meaning of these words, their depth and their importance.

Emilia Fart is the human embodiment of authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency.

She talks about being molested as a teenager. She talks about her dad dying and her whole world falling apart. She talks about pulling herself back together. She talks about friendship and her own insecurities that she inadvertently projects onto others. She talks about wanting desperately to be understood, but never at the expense of her own self-expression.

She does all of this in a way that feels so heartbreakingly honest and sincere, she often starts crying whilst talking about having the courage to be your true, authentic self. And despite her unconventional appearance, she provides pretty conventional advice, i.e. therapy and lots of self-reflection, to her viewers who want to become more brave, more wholehearted, and more free.

In some ways, Emilia Fart is just a girl on the internet who decided to film herself. Lots of people probably don’t ‘get her.’ But for those who of us who do, she is an inspiration and an icon.

*dramatic mouth pop*