Dress Up: Halloween Edition

As you know, it’s the spooky month of October which culminates in the super fun and festive Halloween. So, we here at Cushy wanted to share some of our favorite costumes we, plus our friends and children, have sported through the years. Take a look.

Melanie Sweeney-Bowen:

Caroline’s (her daughter) was my fave last year!

Dani Adams:

My favorite costume as a kid was probably a gypsy, which feels problematic now .

Danielle Schadler:

My favorite costume was in college, when I was Link from Legend of Zelda. I can’t find a good photo of it, but I was very proud. I still have the little jar with Navi in it.

Liz Haebe:

I was an Olsen twin. Not sure which one. Maybe both?


Erin Barrio:

Favorite costume is every costume I have ever worn. But I will limit myself to when I was Dr. Jo Harding from Twister, my husband was Bill Harding, and our BFF, Matt, was the tornado .

Adriana Siler:

I was a big fan of this one: (Bob’s Burgers)


Carli Romero:

I don't have a pic but I was the reading rainbow. Wore a color spectrum tapestry over a red dress, and reading glasses with a book in my hand all night.


Lori Fierro:

That is only my favorite because it’s the only one I have....