Blood Moon Mantras and Rituals


October’s full moon is special.

All full moons are special, let’s be clear; representing completion, the apex of power, the realization of our desires and peak clarity, it’s a time to celebrate growth and accomplishments . However, October’s full moon holds within it a special kind of magic and power because it’s also the Blood Moon.

Also commonly known as the Hunter’s Moon, a reference to distant Europeans and Native Americans who used the light of the full moon to help them track their prey, the Blood Moon is low-hanging, with a beautifully eerie, reddish glow. Occurring right before Samhain, the Blood Moon denotes a change in season (hello, autumn!) and the perfect time to channel ancestors while the veil between the physical and spiritual world blurs.

Blood Moon Rituals: Ancestral Altar

To take advantage of today’s Blood Moon, consider preparing an ancestral altar for deceased loved ones you wish to commune with or send love to. To create your altar, gather the following items:

  • Pictures of your loved one(s)

  • Trinkets, articles of clothing, writing - objects that contain your loved one’s spirit

  • A candle. Or several. You can’t overdo it with the candles.

  • A match or lighter

  • Oil for anointing

  • Libation or other offering

  • Journal or notebook

Assemble your altar in your home, or, if weather permits or you have a sheltered area where your precious artifacts will be safe, outdoors under the light of the Blood Moon. Anoint your candle with oil (I often use Rose oil for ritual anointing) and repeat the following prayer/incantation:

Spirit of (insert your loved one here) I call upon you:

I humbly ask that you share with me your knowledge, help to guide me on my path with your steady, loving hand. I am thankful for all you have to give. Please accept this humble offering which I give with a full and open heart.

Light your candle and communicate your desires, questions, thoughts, and feelings with the spirit of your loved one. If you opted for a libation offering, take a sip. Let the candle naturally burn out, or, if outdoors, naturally blown out by the elements - do not blow your candle out.

Blood Moon Mantras

If calling upon your ancestors isn’t really your thing, no biggie. The Blood Moon is also a great time to commit to positive affirmations and mantras to celebrate and reaffirm your growth and progress, and celebrate your achievements and accomplishments. Here are two of mine:

I am whole and complete, even when I feel I am not

I am deserving of rest and restoration

I also lean heavily on my oracle decks to provide me with positive affirmations and mantras. Specifically, I’ll be pulling from my Jade Oracle deck as well as Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back deck for tonight’s moon.

What affirmations do you tell yourself? What mantras give you strength? What decks do you use? I’d love to know! Shoot me an email at to share with me.