There is no Brilliance You Cannot Inhabit - 2018 Tarot Guidance

2018 is a fresh New Year with vibrancy, opportunity and vision to boot.  I will be pulling from the beautiful Vision Quest tarot this year, which reminds me of my home and some of my ancestors.  The Vision Quest deck by Gayan Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose reminds me of the wisdom held in New Mexico's land and ancestry, and may be the most beautiful deck I've ever worked with.  May it reinvigorate the magic that surrounds us everyday as we work with it this year.

A beautiful trilogy blesses us through this New Moon.  I chose a past, present, future spread for the first reading of the year, which tells a story of loving fire.  Kindling if you will.

Past: Star XVII  ~ A stunning woman gazes forward with warm eyes, and the glow of the stars flowing throughout her being.  She waters the Earth beneath her with a substance ignited by starlight as swans visit her.  She wears a medicine wheel on her right ear, representing action that harmonizes with the balance of life and a seashell at her heart-center, carrying the life force of the ocean in her being.


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Present: Six of Fire: Victory ~  6 arrows ascend to the sky, demonstrating movement toward heaven.  The Sun rises high in the background lighting the sky with brilliant oranges and yellows and a flower opens fully to receive the sunlight and exhibit it’s beauty to the world.  The arrows and fire come from a green pasture, representing the heart chakra and grounded in a loving nature.


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Future: Daughter of Fire ~ A young woman, wearing a winged dress, offers sage smoke to the heavens, as the colors of the crown and core chakras merge in sunset behind her.  Lighting cracks in the background, telling of rains and abundance to come, while bright orange flowers bloom in the green forest around her.  She is one with the animating force of life, and able to offer to the Gods the very light they offer her.


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You may notice the theme of night to bright in this three-fold spread.  The Star graces the night sky with love, guidance and ease.  Likely signifying love and forgiveness that supported us through the transition of 2017 to 2018.  It was a very challenging past year for many and it brought out the need for many of us to connect to Spirit and our hearts.  A huge part of welcoming the new year as a ritual landmark of new opportunities and ways of being, is offering love and forgiveness to all that we wish to release and transform from before.  This card invites us to bring the warmth of starlight (which connects us all - regardless of politics, class, gender, race, location, etc.) into all of our relations.  Do you have an offering of love you can make toward that which you struggle with?  Can you make a daily offering of water to a plant in the name of nurturing forgiveness or understanding toward those who challenge you?  


Right now, in this moment, the New Moon in Capricorn and the 6 of Fire compels us to make moves with magic.  Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, a force of foundation building, and the 6 of Fire points us toward success.  6 in numerology, is a nurturing character, one of hearth and home-building.  This is an interesting cross, because Capricorn in Saturn (this New Moon) activates the energy of Father while 6 in numerology holds the energy of Mother.  Motherhood and Fatherhood can only be initiated by new birth.  We are invited to “do the thing” we’ve always wanted to do, and this card tells us that our endeavors will be supported with the animating life force of the sun.  This life force, is the same that we call in passion.  Connect to your third chakra, your own core and that which makes you a unique contribution of light to the world, and ask how your individuality may be brought into service.  If you already know what is being called forth, then put it into action, and manifest it materially in anyway you can.  If not, get still, and let the answer rise like the arrows in this card toward the heavens.  When we make divine energy and intention into Earthly matter, we discover heaven on Earth.


The Future, Daughter of Fire Card, represents self-actualization.  As a practice to come more fully into your most powerful self, I invite you to do a little mirror work.  It may feel awkward and even vain at first, but it is super powerful.  Write down three statements that you would like to deeply believe to be true about yourself by the end of 2018.  Look at yourself in the eyes and speak them affirmatively every morning.  Say them until you can accept them.  If you are uncomfortable the first time you give it a go, and find yourself laughing or wincing or doubting - just keep saying it until you are able to receive it as a neutral truth.  This may bring up some frustrating emotions.  That is OK.  Be patient and kind toward yourself and remember that you are a divine creation.  You literally come from starlight.  There is no brilliance you cannot inhabit.


May you radiate the beauty within you and 2018 reflect it back.


Love, Carli


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