Intentions for 2018


Here we are in the first week of 2018 and it got us wondering what others were thinking about this year. Do people set resolutions for themselves? Or if not resolutions, what about goals, or intentions? We asked our Cushy community about some of their thoughts for the upcoming year, and what their intentions were for 2018:



I'm going to explore. I'm exploring the UK in May, and I want to keep that momentum going forward. I want to explore new ideas, new activities and explore who I am at the age of 38. Also, I'll be exploring the heck out of the Harry Potter tour in London, and eating all of the food too. 




My measurable goals are to meditate more, write more, and continue taking on projects that I'm passionate about, like fostering dogs and improving my work environment. I also want to read more comics, improve my handwriting, and get better at embroidering, because all of those things make me happy.



My other goals for 2018 are about finding balance between my creative/inner life and the needs of my family. Last year was all about self care and reigning in my anxiety, and I think I'm ready for the next step, which is still about self care but more of a recovery process, like recovering from the hangover of intense anxiety. My twins will be starting day care two mornings a week, so all my creative goals feel more doable now that I will have stretches of dedicated time. I hope to finish my current novel, keep making embroidery, learn to draw, and read a lot more. And then I hope the flip side of focusing on those things will also help me be more present with my kids.



I recently took stock of my 8 areas of wellness and was really surprised to find that I’m lacking in spiritual connection and intellectual stimulation (occupational wellness and physical activity were ranked lowest but not surprising). So this year, it’s all about wellness for me! I’ve got a habit of taking on new commitments without evaluating whether I WANT to be doing a thing. This year, I’m saving up for a trip to the Wizarding World, buying a national parks pass, taking a ceramics class, and just generally looking to spend more time on “wants and desires” than on “shoulds and obligations”.



I’m making meditation and exercise a priority this year! I’m not here to lose weight or look a certain way, it’s all about how I want to feel: balanced and strong as hell.



My 2018 resolution is twofold: to be kinder to myself and to find ways to empower others.



I'd love to support the community with spiritual exploration this year! My new year resolution has something to do with being more bold in claiming my worth and joy. Writing more, creating more and loving more freely.



My resolutions are to fall in love with myself and regain balance in my life. I haven't had much time to connect with any of my friends due to being busy, or sheer laziness. I've lost connection with my spiritual self, and just kind of feel like all I do is go through the motions. I also want to take my kids on vacation this year! Or at least save up enough to do Disney next year (2019) for spring break.



The past couple years I've chosen words, rather than resolutions, based on this lovely woman's words of guidance: Susannah Conway. 2016 was flourish, followed by efflorescence in 2017. This year I'm circling around words like growth, create, nourish, expand. (You can see a trend here ha.) I want to focus on building my business, cultivating my skill set, and saying no to that which no longer serves me. 

Tangible goals include meditating every day, yoga three times a week, cutting down on sugar, and hanging up art in our home.

I've also been searching for spiritual connection and would love to get together with those of you who are interested in pursuing your own spirituality.