Morning People: N.3 Balance and Organization



Today, I feel scrambled. September just started and my month is already so full. This is good, right? I have an abundant life. But right now it feels like too much. I feel like I’m out of time already. So today, I pulled out my trusty planner and filled in the commitments I’ve already made for the month. It’s a lot. To take back my sanity, I’m choosing to make my morning routine a priority this month. I used to follow a morning routine regularly, and I felt so much better when I did. Centered. Focused. Productive. I plan to reimplement my routine this month. 


"I’m choosing to make my morning routine a priority this month." Dani Adams

Here’s my routine: 




Morning Pages

Morning Pages are a tool introduced to me by Julia Cameron in the Artist's Way. I rarely write three whole pages (typically one or two), but they have proven incredibly beneficial for my own focus and clarity.






I sit on a meditation cushion on my living room floor. You could also use a straight backed chair or on the floor itself. Anywhere you can sit comfortably for an extended amount of time. I use a wonderful app called Insight Timer. You can search for guided meditations based on what you want to focus on. I have several morning meditations bookmarked. I also like to wear a mala to help set my intention.

Of course, you don’t need any of these items to meditate! Just some quiet time and space.



I practice yoga or hula hoop five days a week. My favorite YouTube yogis are Erica Vetra and Boho Beautiful. When I hula hoop I begin with a short stretch routine, then put on some jammy jams and play with my hula hoop for 15-20 minutes. I bought a weighted hula hoop a couple years ago and it is so much fun! And HARD! If you’re like me and haven’t hula hooped in more than twenty years, Deanne Love is a wonderful resource. Eventually, I want to be coordinated enough to dance with my hoop(s). For now, I’m working on keeping the hoop moving for more than one song at a time and switching directions.




If, after all this, I have time before I need to jump in the shower, I read, write, or pick up around the house. I’m currently reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown and loving it.








Another routine I have is listening to podcasts while getting ready for work. I subscribe to a long list of podcasts covering a variety of topics from live storytelling to true crime, to personal and professional development. Here are two that inspired my return to morning routines this month:

Happier: September is the Other January

The Big Payoff: Stress is not the Boss of Me


Do you have a morning routine? Podcasts you think we’d love? We’d love to hear about them!

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