#SCS: In The Mood For A Netflix Binge?


Can we all agree that it feels as though the world is spinning out of control? Within the last few weeks, we’ve seen a transgender ban be declared, Nazi’s take to the streets in Charlottsville, VA, and a woman was murdered. Not only all of that, but the president sided with the Nazi’s, declaring that there were some “very fine people” who just wanted to march against taking down historical statues, and tweeting nonsense about “fake news” and then not really showing any support for the people of Texas who are, currently, awaiting Hurricane Harvey to make landfall. These are hard times to be sure, and this was, basically, just within the last two weeks. We here at Cushy are all about taking to the streets to fight, and resist, but there comes a time when you absolutely cannot do it. We have talked a lot about self-care, I’ve even written a whole article about taking care of yourself during the “Trump Era”. You do have to remove yourself from the madness on occasion and turn your brain off, and what better day to do it then on a Self-Care Sunday? What am I suggesting, you ask? Why, a Netflix binge, baby!

I was born in the age before the internet was around (I’m not that old, but I can see 40 from my porch), which also means I was born before the creation of any sort of streaming service. Some may say that was, indeed, the dark ages. It’s not like we whittled sticks for fun or anything (hey, if you did, you’re far craftier than I!), but we didn’t have the luxury of sitting around all day mainlining our favorite new show. So you know what? Thank goodness for technology! A tv/movie binge on your streaming service of choice is the perfect way to escape, unplug and recharge for a few (or a lot of) hours without having to get creative, or use a whole lot of brain power. Surely, you can read to turn off the world outside, but it does take a bit of work to focus on words and delving into great writing. Perhaps for some people, they do use a lot of brain power to watch super interesting and innovative shows, but I am not that person! If I’m having a binge day, I (most of the time) like to keep it light! I once spent a very rainy Sunday in November watching about 8 episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” because I knew I had stressful week at work coming up. I still look back on that day quite fondly.

It’s completely up to you how you’d like to spend your binge, but for me personally, I binge on things like “Brooklyn 99” or “Parks and Recreation”.

 Umm, excuse me. Does it LOOK like I'm still watching?

Umm, excuse me. Does it LOOK like I'm still watching?

Or, I like to go for things like “Fleabag” on Amazon Prime, or “Crashing” and “Lovesick” on Netflix. Oh, I guess I should add, I like a lot of British comedies so I have been in a real binge-y place with them as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I have also spent days bingeing on “Game of Thrones” but I always seem to come away from that exhausted and really worried about losing my dragons, so I don’t really feel relaxed after that. But hey, maybe that’s your thing? Maybe you’ve got a love of mysteries? Maybe you’ve watched all 4 seasons of “Sherlock” and came away with a huge crush on Martin Freeman (was that just me?), or perhaps you saw that “Beverly Hills 90210” is on Hulu and you figured you’d get nostalgic on a Sunday! Good for you! Go for it! Take the day, and do you, my friend!

If I can give you one excellent recommendation for a day of bingeing and relaxation and so much self-care: watch "The Great British Baking Show." It’s just delightful British people making delightful British cakes, pies, swiss rolls and Victoria sponges. When anyone asks how to describe that show, I always say the same thing: delightful. Seriously, it’s really the best way to spend an afternoon.

So, it’s Sunday, and you’ve got nothing to do. What are you gonna watch? And, can I come over and watch it with you?

Happy #SCS!

Liz HaebeComment