Dark Moon Magic: Three of Cups


Three of Cups - Profound Relationship - Collective Transformation

The Three of Cups immediately imprints community on my psyche.  Three priestesses, dancing and celebrating, each with a unique symbol of gifts and characteristics at hand.  They are a trinity of women in relationship with themselves, each other and the nature that they come from.  Additionally there are three trees, marking the landscape with shade and abundance.

One priestess holds two snakes, which stand alone as symbols of rebirth, and shedding of the old ways that no longer serve.  Together the two snakes represent transformation in relationship.  Relationship between Soul and Ego.  Relationship between Soul and Soul.  Relationship between Micro and Macro.  Relationship between Conscious and Subconscious.  Snakes are low to the ground, closely synced up with Mother Earth and constantly re-calibrated by her nurturing and neutral energies as they glide their whole beings across her surface.  I feel the exoneration of these two snakes together celebrates the arrival of dualities into an equilibrium with one another - a settling of the paradox - a beautiful card to pair with a solar eclipse.

Another priestess is holding a flute of Krishna.  Krishna encouraged his students to become like the flute, to channel the music of life through their own beings, as vessels of divine breath - inspiration - and love.    This symbolism reminds me of the Hopi Kokopelli as well, a character prevalent in New Mexico, who represents fertility, healing and storytelling.  As I meditate on the presence of the flute in this card, and the practices of “healing, fertility and storytelling” in particular, I am struck by the realization that these acts are most profound, when they occur between individuals and in community.  They are also acts that require vulnerability, listening, presence, and trust which deepen relationship.

The third priestess is holding a “thyrsus” or sacred stick.  Dionysus, a god of fruit and vegetation, is known for carrying a thrysus.   This priestess is holding a bundle of sacred sticks that are from “trees of the moon goddess”.  Three wands hold much more power than one, reminding us that in partnership our creative force and interplay can be very generative.

The Pegasus in this card stood out quite strongly to me in addition to the celebrating triad.  Pegasus is of earth, water and air.  A multi-dimensional and mythical being, now living in the sky as a constellation of stars.  A beautiful embodiment of a “journeyer”.  One who travels the various worlds we encounter with grace, power and ease.  From water - the underworld - to space - the void that unites us all or Divine Consciousness.  This creature is fluid in all realms from internal, to interpersonal, to communal consciousness and capable in all physical environments.  A powerful representation of our internal capacity to move through and in relationship to different spaces, people and experiences in our lives. 

We are all mythic on some level, and bring to the world, and to our own communities a little heroic magic, if we are courageous enough to offer our gifts up generously.  When we place ourselves in community we are likely to be called on, pulled, challenged and lifted in some way.  Community asks us to stretch, to grow, to adapt and be present.  The act of being in relationship to others, is transformative on its own.  It may not always feel great or comfortable, but it will reveal our inner selves to us.  Reflected in our relationships, are our internal processes.  We can certainly learn alone, but we can learn much more quickly together.  It is necessary to practice solitude and love ourselves as our most constant companion, and it is vital to engage others if we desire to thrive.

At the time of this New Moon and powerful Solar Eclipse, I invite you to reflect on how you would like to “be in community” to be in relationship with the world and that it offers you.  Consider this an opportunity to inventory your heart’s deepest desires and set intentions for new beginnings.  I have adapted this reflection process from a series of meditative questions posed by Deepak Chopra.

Directions: Find a quiet place to reflect, where you will be uninterrupted for at least ten minutes.  Have pen and paper, or writing tools that you enjoy.  (If you are artistic and prefer to express your thoughts visually, consider art supplies.) 

Allow yourself to “free write” or journal your thoughts without censoring them in response to each of the following questions:

  1.  What sensational experiences do you desire in your life?  (material, physical, sensual experiences - get descriptive - colors, spaces, landscapes, touch, smells, etc.)
  2. What do you desire to experience in your relationships with other individuals? 
  3. What do you desire to experience in community?
  4.  What do you desire to experience in your relationship with Spirit/The Universe/The World/God/Mother Earth?  (that which you orient to as greater than yourself, as the connective tissue between you and all your relations)
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