Dark Moon Magic: The Shaman of Swords


Shaman of Swords ~  Build the Sentiment of Possibility in Your Bones 

New Moon Tarot ~ July 23rd

“The man who has no imagination, has no wings.”
— Muhammad Ali 


The dark moon is magic. It is an empty cauldron, an open room, a blank piece of paper, an open field, an unused lot,  an undecorated wall, an unanswered question, an unsaid prayer, an unmade meditation, and a dark seed holding space for what will be.  It is a container for possibility, graciously presenting itself to us each month of our lives, invoking the magic that is our choice, that is the unknown, that is our life force, like a plant ever-guided toward the sun - unapologetically seeking growth and expansion.  The dark moon is an invitation into our depth, and the seeds of creation that lie deep within our hearts and souls waiting to be watered by intentional attention.  It is quiet in which to listen.  It is a light generous enough to shift so that each star may shine bright. The dark moon is a call to the curious, and courage to the creative. 

 The Shaman of Swords 

The Shaman of Swords 

The Shaman of Swords nearly jumped out at me in this reading.  Mimicking the thoughts swirling in concentric waves around her head.  The Shaman of Swords holds the energy of summer powerfully with  fiery tones of red, orange and yellow preceding an atmosphere air, which represents the mind. Creative expression and movement are strong qualities of both Summer and this card. 

“IMAGINATION" flashed brightly in my mind with this playful image.  It sings to the beautiful capacity we have within our hearts and minds to create worlds untold and bring substance to an unborn future.  Our imaginations are like under-used muscles or abused ones – either stunted or mobilized  by fear and addiction in many of us.  The beauty here is that our imaginations belong to us – we get to choose how we’d like to engage them – instead of imagining worst possible outcomes and feeding the thoughts that can haunt and taunt our freedom; we can use them playfully and joyfully. We can choose to express self-love by allowing the beauty of possibility into our lives, and watering our dreams internally. 

Many of the great thinkers, spiritual leaders and political guides in history had a loving command of their own imagination.  Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”   

Nelson Mandela imagined that forgiveness was a viable option in a reality that insisted it wasn't.  He said, “The power of imagination created the illusion that [his] vision went much farther than the naked eye could actually see.”  Mother Teresa imagined an entire sisterhood of service and facilitated the Missionaries of Charity.  Martin Luther King, dreamed of a society where diversity was celebrated and integrated through peace, and continues to inspire millions and open hearts through his life’s work.  One of my great mentors and dearest friends, Sarah Silva imagined an empowered, informed and mobilized community in Southern New Mexico where faith activism was fairly dormant, and has thus cultivated powerful leadership and policy change.  Erin, the visionary of Cushy, imagined a site by womyn for womyn, and from that this essay was born. 

Each of these visions risked conflict with present norms and current realities, and might have been drowned by many doubts.  Regardless, they have led to great achievements and inspired millions.  They are seeded in hearts that seek something “better”.  An energetic or prophetic pull toward a vision that resonates as true and available on some plain.   

Wayne Dyer suggests that we design our nearest future by the state of our current feelings – that the resonance of our own bodies attracts an equal state in the world.  Therefore, when our realities are muddle with pain, struggle, disappointment, doubt, resentment, or blame, it is important to engage our imaginations as a pathway toward a different sentiment, or feeling.  Our imaginations can be used to sharpen the impact of our challenges in the world OR we can employ our imaginations for our own freedom.   

This is not to say, if you resonate at the frequency of a dragon, you will become a dragon.  Who knows, maybe you’ll invite “dragon medicine” into your life.  Perhaps you will feel fiery and passionate, and fearless.  However, if we can hold sacred and true those things that we envision for our lives and our relations, and lean into the feelings they evoke, we might just find ourselves a little more available to the joy and possibility of life.  Our own heart’s desires and faith can uplift our state of being if we allow them to.   

The Shaman of Swords boldly invites the creative power of thought and  mindful magic into play.  I love this card.  It is an unapologetic invitation to dream. 

As such, I invite you to join me in this visualization to place a boundary around your own imagination.  Not one of limitation, but of protection.  A boundary that says “no trespassing, none shall disturb.”  This is not about day dreaming or zoning out with fairy tales. It’s about creating visions that guide our lives and building sentiments of possibility in our bones.  What do you desire for your life?  Can you see it?  What space or sanctuary supports your endeavors? Can you design it in your mind’s eye?  What relationships do you seek?  Try not to limit your future by demanding  specific exchanges with particular people, but hold the feelings that you desire from those exchanges in your body.  Give them a color, a texture, a sound.  The universe may have something greater than you can even imagine in store for you.  Stay embodied, stay open and allow yourself to be surprised. 

”The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”.  
— Albert Einstein

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