National Compliment Your Mirror Day

July 3rd is National Compliment Your Mirror Day. The way to celebrate this day is pretty straight forward: the idea is to look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Simple: but how often do we do this? How often do you look in the mirror and show yourself some love and not a critical eye or self-deprecating remark?


In honor of National Compliment Your Mirror Day, some of our Creatives decided to celebrate by showing ourselves some love and share what we tell ourselves when we're in need of some self affirmation. Enjoy, and treat yourself to some well earned kindness today (and everyday after that). 

"You are the only you and you owe it to yourself to be true"

Nat Davis 


"I am capable of enduring difficult things"

Melanie Sweeney Bowen 

"I love you. I know you don't always hear it from me but I appreciate all that you are and all that you want to be"

Liz Haebe 

"You are enough"

Dani Adams 

"You are a sweet ass honey"

Adriana Garcia


"Have the courage to be yourself"

Erin E. Barrio 

Erin E BarrioComment