Dark Moon Magic: Four of Swords

Dark Moon Magic 

Four of Swords 

The dark moon is magic. It is an empty cauldron, an open room, a blank piece of paper, an open field, an unused lot,  an undecorated wall, an unanswered question, an unsaid prayer, an unmade meditation, and a dark seed holding space for what will be.  It is a container for possibility, graciously presenting itself to us each month of our lives, invoking the magic that is our choice, that is the unknown, that is our life force, like a plant ever-guided toward the sun - unapologetically seeking growth and expansion.  The dark moon is an invitation into our depth, and the seeds of creation that lie deep within our hearts and souls waiting to be watered by intentional attention.  It is quiet in which to listen.  It is a light generous enough to shift so that each star may shine bright. The dark moon is a call to the curious, and courage to the creative.   

We often celebrate the full moon, and rightfully so, but this series will celebrate the new moon, because beginnings are the sweet moments where our belief prevails. 

For each new moon I will work with the tarot to guide our process. 

New Moon ~ June 23, 2017  

Four of Swords:  Air; Mental Body

Swords can be cutting or clearing, sharp, blunt or ragged.  They have been used to draw blood and measure the worth of a Soul.  In the Motherpeace Tarot 4 of Swords card become an anchor.  Gargoyles of sacred space, setting a boundary toward the outside world. 

Your thoughts and the cultivation of your mind may do the same.  This New Moon, the 4 of Swords invites us to draw our energy inward.  Breathe deep through the mainline of the body.  Use the breath to connect all of your chakras, each center of energy, and engage them as tethers of Spirit and Soul.  Take time to retreat, reflect, meditate.  Practice solitude and quietude, so that you can meaningfully direct the expansive energy of Summer.  Use the breath to stay cool, as the sun beats down on your being. 

Take silence seriously in one of our most active seasons.  Presence to your innermost thoughts, and beyond that to the sensations of your Body and Soul will clarify and sustain your Summer intentions.  It will help you find awareness of what does and doesn’t serve you, and you will have more peace in setting healthy boundaries and creating the space in your life to thrive.  

Anchor your thoughts in awareness and your actions will organically begin to align to your true nature.   

In this month’s daily meditation below, I share one of my favorite meditation practices, inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh to help us center our minds and create a more welcoming experience of the world.  (You will hear dogs barking in the background.  It can't be helped, but allows us to practice concentrating in the diverse settings that we lead our lives in.  External silence is not always accessible, but our minds can be cultivated as a peaceful container:). 

Creative Practice

Sacred Space All Summer

This new moon, the 4 of Swords asks us to create spaces for connection with our deepest self.  As many are on the move, traveling, exploring, and taking advantage of the long light of summer days, there are simple things we can do to create spaces for internal reflection.  One “Sword” or anchor in our ongoing practice can be the presence of a traveling altar!  We can create or even purchase traveling altars that resonate with us, and help us to align to Spirit and “hold” the energy of our spiritual lives, regardless of where we are.  Here are just a few examples of traveling altars that I find beautiful: 

My dear friend Monica Giron from Las Cruces, New Mexico makes traveling Virgensitas, which are perfect “altars on the go”.  She even makes seasonal capes for them!  You can find these at  Arte de Moni on her FB Page if you are interested in purchasing one!

I also found these inspiring altars on Pinterest if you are in a creative mood: 

Free Altar Template created by Tryptich DIY  

This was found on Fuck Yeah Altars  


This altar is made with canvas prints by Andrew Chianese and can be found here

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