#SCS: Make A Date With You!

Have you ever been on a date and thought: “I’d rather do this by myself”? I have, and in the last few years I’ve taken that to heart and really started spending more and more time with myself. I am a person who needs downtime, and most importantly, alone time, and Sundays are usually the days I try to give that to myself. So, for this Self-Care Sunday, might I recommend taking yourself out for a date?

When I first moved to Portland, I didn’t know many people, so I started going out to do things by myself. One night, I took myself to dinner, then I walked over to Powell’s Bookstore, went to a movie and then to the record store (I’ve lived here about a decade) to finish up my night. Halfway through the night I realized, this is totally my dream date scenario! It’s true, my idea of a great night is dinner/bookstore/movie and, if I’m really feeling frisky, the record store. Hence, a tradition was born: I take myself on dates.

Truth be told, I don’t date (I think the last date I was on, with someone else, was about 4 years ago) and I really crave spending time by myself after busy weeks at work, or socializing with friends. I’ve always needed the extra time to myself so that I can recharge and get centered, and I found taking myself somewhere, or doing things by myself, can sometimes be just what I need. I find treating myself to dinner, or taking myself to a movie, is what I need to feel good and a bit more relaxed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my friends, and I do very much enjoy being with other people. But, sometimes, a glass of wine and dinner alone is pretty great.

I recommend doing this wholeheartedly, especially if you’re a bit of an introvert like I am. These “dates” don’t have to be fancy, or even cost anything, but you really should try to make them a bit special. Might I suggest, if it’s nice outside, taking yourself to the park? Take your favorite book, a blanket and maybe your preferred iced beverage, and lie down and relax. Or, you want to get out of the house and get a little exercise, but don’t want to hit the gym? Perhaps take a walk to a new part of your neighborhood, or simply walk and explore and see where your feet take you. If you’re feeling like you would be happy to spend a little money on yourself, perhaps you can take yourself to a yoga class you’ve wanted to try? Or, maybe you want to take yourself to brunch? Sundays are perfect brunch days, and who says you can’t enjoy some Eggs Benedict and a mimosa or two by yourself? And, don’t forget, there’s always taking yourself to the movies, especially if it’s a movie no one else wants to see with you. I’ll never forget the day I took myself to see “Magic Mike XXL” on a hot day in July. It was definitely a very “hot date” (I know, I’m sorry).

Whatever you do, remember that it’s for YOU. I know a lot of people have a hard time wanting to do things by themselves, and I understand that. But, if you really do crave some alone time, think of this time as getting to know yourself and you are worthy of the best company you can imagine: your own. Getting to know ourselves doesn’t have to be something painful and not fun, so make a date with yourself this Sunday, or any Sunday really, and see what comes from it!

Liz HaebeComment