#SCS: Rooftop Yoga

 View from the Banque Lofts    Self-Care  

View from the Banque Lofts  


Sundays are sacred in our household. The last day of our precious weekend and our final buffer before the start of a new work week, Sundays at our house are relaxed and concentrated on self-care. 

There's lots of ways to take care-  you know yourself best, so usually listening to your heart and body will tell you what you need: water, rest, stimulation, or just quiet. While a big fan of "treat yo'self" and other more secular forms of self-care, like a trip to the salon for some pampering, these outlets only are quick fixes for what might actually require some more spiritual and self-reflexive work. 

Move & Stretch  


Today Nat and I made our way downtown for some rooftop yoga at the Banque Lofts & Rooftop. There was a good crowd, the day was bright and warm, and mimosas were promised at the end of our session.  

Taking the time to stretch and flex can make a tremendous difference in your day and how you feel in your body. While you don't require a rooftop to get the most out of your practice, joining others in a unique location like this added to my experience, and made me feel connected not just in my mind and body, but in my community.  

Today's intention was compassion - and I couldn't have asked for a more appropriate mantra to focus my breathing to. Compassion for others, but also compassion for myself - for mistakes made, deadlines missed, the feeling of always thinking I should do more - letting go and allowing my shoulders to drop and jaw to slacken.  


Treat yourself to 10 minutes of unadulterated quiet to slip into some foundational poses: sun salutation, downward dog, child's pose. Allow your breathing to guide you and don't be afraid to feel vulnerable. I often get emotional in certain poses as tension, stress and anxiety I've been hosting from the days prior flow and exit me. Focus on a mantra or intention - or just your breathing. Give yourself the gift of self-healing and preventative care this Sunday, and get stretching.