Dark Moon Magic: Introduction


The dark moon is magic. It is an empty cauldron, an open room, a blank piece of paper, an open field, an unused lot,  an undecorated wall, an unanswered question, an unsaid prayer, an unmade meditation, and a dark seed holding space for what will be.  It is a container for possibility, graciously presenting itself to us each month of our lives, invoking the magic that is our choice, that is the unknown, that is our life force, like a plant ever-guided toward the sun - unapologetically seeking growth and expansion.  The dark moon is an invitation into our depth, and the seeds of creation that lie deep within our hearts and souls waiting to be watered by intentional attention.  It is quiet in which to listen.  It is a light generous enough to shift so that each star may shine bright. The dark moon is a call to the curious, and courage to the creative. 

We often celebrate the full moon, and rightfully so, but this blog will celebrate the new moon, because beginnings are the sweet moments where our belief prevails.

For each new moon I will work with the tarot to guide our process.  For the purposes of this series, I will pull from the Motherpeace Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vickie Nobel.  The card I choose will inspire a weekly essay, short daily practice, and a meditation for the evening of/morning after the new moon.  I have very appropriately pulled The Magician, for this first go-round, to usher in our Dark Moon Magic.

Motherpeace magician (2).jpg

New Moon ~  May 25, 2017

The Magician: Numerology # 1; Planet Mercury; Nervous System; Archangel Raziel

We are magicians no matter who we are.  Whether or not we choose to be, want to be, or claim to be.  Each day of our life is impacted by our choices, either subtle or explicit, in perception or action.   Many of us experience freedom differently.  There is real disparity in our experience of freedom, real disparity in our contexts within the world.  Some of us have many more choices available to us than others, yet we all have some that we belong to.  It is in our choices, that we get to exercise our freedom or not. 

The Magician asks us to bring all of our alchemy to our choices, by engaging our wholeness to expand our freedom within those choices.  Reminding us that we are both right-brained and left-brained.  That we are dark and light, playful and intentional, discerning and ignorant, competent and challenged.  That we have water, fire, earth and air at our disposal. That we are beings of subtle and tangible makings, having our connection to this earth and our connection to spirit.  We are heart, mind, body and spirit, and divinity is inherent to all of us. 

The Magician represents our Divine Masculine aspect, expressed differently in all of us.  This card calls attention to our network of communication, our nervous system, channeling messages of needs, sensations and responses from all points of our body to our brain.  We can use our brain more meaningfully when we understand how to work with our nervous system.  In fact our nerves determine what parts of our brain we use.  In times of stress, we engage our survival mechanism, limiting our capacity because all of our energy is going toward certain functions.  In times of relaxation, we are more available to possibility, creativity and I would say magic.

This new moon, and The Magician invite us to tend to our nervous system so that we may bring our expanded selves to each of life’s situations, engaging the potential of our unrealized minds, and discovering the power of awareness that comes from nurtured nerves.

New Moon Meditation: Awakening Your Inner Magician

Daily Practice, from Pamela Church, Body Based Psycho-Therapist & Author of Gestures of the Heart - Learn more here: 

DNA Breath:   In this breath, you begin breathing in from the sacrum (base of the spine) tracing a spiral with the breath to the crown, on the exhale breathing out an overlapping spiral, creating replications of the life giving double-helix DN

Gold -White Weave:  Imagine horizontal lines of gold and white light, or threads of gold and white, going side to side in the brain creating a tapestry, a woven tapestry of light.  The sides of the brain connected and on, all of one piece. This radiant weave of light filling the entire brain.  The gold light represents the richness of emotion of the right hemisphere; the white light represents incisive understanding of the left hemisphere

Spacious Heart Breath:   This is about breathing into the heart center and, with the breath, tracing an infinity symbol (a sideways figure 8) and breathing out the heart center.

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