Winter Adornment

New year means new clothes! The date is arbitrary - it's only a vessel - you can choose to change your look anytime you want. Mine has been constantly evolving over the years, but with each year, I get better about adorning myself with clothes that honor me and my body.

I have a long standing practice of mixing and matching, of bringing in old with new. A descendant of several savvy shoppers, I'm also a sales addict, always hunting for a deal. I mix thrift store finds, with higher end pieces, stock my closet with moderately priced basics and pull heavily from my own stock of vintage and hand-me-down items. 

For this look, I wanted to play off colors that work best for my skin tone: golds and browns. 

Beanie: Target 

Glasses: EyeBuyDirect 

Scarf: a glorious find from a small shop in a sea-town somewhere in the Isle of Skye

Jacket: Thrift store find from Thriftown ($13, you can't beat that!) 

Makeup & Hair: styled by moi 

Erin E BarrioComment