Belle, Books & Emma Watson

March 17th marks the release of the new adaptation of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson as Belle alongside Dan Stevens as Beast.  Released just one year after I was born, I grew up with the original Beauty and the Beast.  For as long as I can remember, my dad has always called me 'Beauty," a nickname he still uses today - the positive reinforcement of which I am forever grateful for. As a toddler, my mom would read me the illustrated book version of the movie so often, I learned to memorize it at 4; so precise was I in my memorization, I even knew when to turn the pages. A convincing parlor trick. 

 I loved Belle and her love of books, her sweet but confident disposition. I loved the castle and the grand library, Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip. My favorite scene in the film is when Beast shows Belle to the grand library, and it's bright with natural light and is stacked from floor to ceiling with magnificent shelves filled with books. Even as a child my love of books had already set in, and I liked to imagine myself as Belle, walking in to that library and touching the bound leather spines with trembling fingers.

 So it probably goes without saying that I'm excited to see the new adaptation. More so with Emma Watson cast as Belle - I'm very fond of Watson, ever since I first saw her in her breakout role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series. Like Belle, and myself, Watson is a real life bibliophile, and even has a delightful series on Instagram & Goodreads called Our Shared Shelf (@oursharedshelf). In this inspiring project, Watson selects a book to read every month that is centrally tied to themes of women and equality, to inform her in her work as a Goodwill Ambassador with UN Women. During the last week of the month, Watson and other moderators host a discussion on Goodreads for all to participate in - it's wonderful.  

If you share my affection for any of the above, I've got a couple fun things in store this month to celebrate the new release: 

Try the grey stuff, it's delicious! - Sunday, March 5th 

Remember that fantastic musical sequence from the original film "Be our Guest?" (who am I kidding, of course you do). Well do you remember the grey stuff? It sat on a platter with other petite fours, allegedly delicious? This Sunday I'll give you my personal recipe for the grey stuff and yeah, it is delicious. 

3 modern spins on Belle's looks in Disney's Beauty & the Beast - March 17th 

This feature will take you through three modern takes on three different looks worn by Belle in Disney's Beauty & the Beast. All pieces will be thrift store purchases from local haunts I love to frequent! I hope to inspire your imagination and your frugal sensibility. 

Cushy Corner: Ivy Team Room - March 27th 

My friend Cassandra and I are attending a Beauty and the Beast themed tea at Albuquerque's Ivy Tea Room in celebration of the new movie release. Aptly titled "Be Our Guest," the themed tea will feature the tea room's take on dishes served during the infamous musical scene. Stay tuned for pictures and my review of the tea room. 

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