4 Ways to Wear 1 Scarf

Vintage scarves always seem to find their way into my basket when I'm thrifting. Drawn to their vibrant colors and silky patterns, I rationalize my growing collection by virtue of the versatility of scarves (works every time). 

 Whether a playful accessory to your purse or folded to dress up messy bun, I'll keep letting those scarves sneak in because there's a million ways to use them! Here are just four of my favorite ways to wear a scarf to help spark ideas the next time you're debating buying one of these silken vixens: 

1. Folded headwrap 

Fold your scarf in half, corner to corner, to form a large triangle. Starting from the base of the triangle, make small folds until the scarf forms a long rectangle. Pile your hair into your favorite messy bun look, then wrap the rectangular scarf around your head as many times as it will go until you can tie a bow in the front. 

2. Pop of color for your purse 

There are several ways to fashion your scarf to you purse, but my favorite way is to simply fold the scarf in half, wrap the closed portion around one of the purse handles, bringing the loose ends through the loop and pulling the excess through to create a top knot with the rest cascading down. 

3. Bandana 

Fold your scarf in half corner to corner forming a large triangle. Take the two corners of the triangle with the tip facing down and bring the scarf toward you, wrapping the two corners around your neck and then tying them in front. Tuck your knot under the hanging portion of your scarf. Accessorize with jewelry on top of your bandana for extra sparkle. 

4. Pocket square 

Fold your scarf in half then half again. Fold corner to corner to form a triangle, fold that triangle in half again, and stuff that into the breast pocket of a blazer. Equip with a pin or button for a detailed finish. 

There it is, four ways to wear one scarf! Share your looks with me by commenting on my Facebook or Instagram page! Hashtag #cushyfashion for shout outs! 

Erin E Barrio