New Moon: 7 of Cups


A woman stands at the center of psychic revelations and seeks to catch them in her cup of inner consciousness.  A dove, universally recognized as a symbol of peace, is resting just above her cup and crown, anointing these revelations as dreams and ideas to be brought into the world as love in action.

As I saw this card, I felt a sense of relief and gratitude for December and the year 2018.  While water often represents emotion, it also represents the psychic or unconscious world.  It can pertain to dreams, imagination, and the unseen that seeks to be realized in service of love here on Earth.  

Of course, if you are stirring in the waters of your emotions from a lack of processing this year, it will be important to empty your metaphorical cup, and release your emotions so that you can receive new and clear insights.  However, my sense is many of us have been “moving water” throughout the last year with political, social and personal challenges that have shaken many of us to our core and clearly demanded death of old beliefs, habits, resistance and attachment, so that something new may arise.  I heard, in a Brene Brown interview today, that “to forgive we have to grieve...forgiveness requires death.”  So, if you have forgiveness or grief to tend to, please take time in this coming two weeks and allow yourself the gift of grieving, so that your heart, body, and mind have the space to receive whatever is trying to make its way through you and into this world in 2018.

Those of you that have visited with La Llarona and Kali over many days and nights already this year, will be washed clean from the grace of your own tears and ready to receive the gifts of your undeniable connection to all that is and all that wants to be in this world.  

An empty cup, like a new moon is a magical and mysterious thing.  It represents choice, agency and new life.  It’s the pause between an exhale and inhale, an entire revolution of blood and oxygen circulating through the body to renew organs, cells and tissues.  It creates the space for questions and intentions, so we may be purposeful with the next round of breath we take and the qualities the oxygen we bring into our blood and body will carry.

I have had a distinct feeling all year, that 2017 was a twelve month long waning moon.  That we have been releasing, and surrendering, and losing, and uncovering layer after layer of the identities and assumptions and things and people we had become attached to in our former lives.  I suspect this moon has finally waned, and 2018 will be a fresh start of brand new initiations, bringing us to realizations of ourSelves and our capacities in this world that will astonish come this time next year.  I can’t wait!

If you have already partaken of a spiritual and imaginative “refill”, than begin this new moon to bring the waters of your imagination into reality.  Choose your intentions wisely and with focus.  Don’t get lost in the vast waters of possibility, but pin down the possibilities that you really want to make real and will find purpose in.

If your cup has just been emptied, and/or you are letting out the final drops, then ask clear and empowering questions you may receive clear and empowering answers: “How may I be of joyful service?  ~ What is my purpose here? Please show me in a way I understand. ~ What is my gift to the world and what is the first step I need to take to embody it?”  These are just examples, but ask empowering questions if you want empowering answers.

See you on the other side of the 2017 express.  This has been one of the most upsetting and profound years of my life.

New Moon Blessings,


Carli RomeroComment