New Moon in November ~ Gold Struck

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These two cards practically threw themselves out of the deck as I was shuffling, this week. Initially, I was drawn to the extensive and centralized yellows and golds found in each image.  

In the World card, this woman who represents me, you, those that view it - is practically wearing her power.  Yellow, is the color of the core chakra, which is where our sense of self and sovereignty, esteem and power live.

 I love that this worldly woman is draped in her own power and sense of self, but wearing it loosely, as if it is dynamic and free, not dogmatic and stagnant.  She feels wild and playful in her sense of self.  

On the other hand, you have the woman in the Ace of Swords very purposefully in a strong meditative stance, surrounded with golds also representing core identity, and violet which represents our connection to all that is.  She is aligning herSelf to greater consciousness, and the sword indicates that she will act intentionally from this space.

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This is a beautiful and interesting pairing for this New Moon.  The World card represents the full realization of the “fool”.  We begin the major Arcana, at card 0, the fool, who is innocent and naive creating a pure and unadulterated embodiment, curiosity, and courage.  This fool travels the stages of the Major Arcana until she reaches the World - where she is able to stand freely in connection to all her relations and all previous “selves”.  You may see the women encircled around her as current community and/or passed lives from which she is distinguishing herself in celebration.  

So you have an ending, a realization, a full moon - and it is directly followed by an Ace, which is a New Moon card, a beginning, and the first step on a journey.  This journey is not solely internal, but one that will engage the world from a commitment to “truth”.

In this time my heart is most captured by the colors.  As these two cards sport vibrant yellows and golds, so the do the trees that line our streets and decorate the bosques of the Rio Grande.  I am struck with the revelation that as the leaves prepare to fall they travel “backwards” or down the sequence of core chakras.  From green, the color of the heart, they transform into yellow, then orange, then red - making their way from the Heart - Emotions, to Core - Sense of Self, to Sacral - Relational, to Root - Earth/Material/Security.  


"Yellow, is the color of the core chakra, which is where our sense of self and sovereignty, esteem and power live"

Carli Romero

It is as if the trees come into a vibrant realization of their natural beauty and capacity to contribute to the world around them, and then lovingly surrender that vibrancy back to the Earth, call it inward and reSource from scratch.  But this time, in this cycle of life-death-life, they are a year older than the last, a year stronger and taller, with branches that reach farther - and they do not lose their new maturity as they loose their leaves.  The trees will their whole life to offer beauty, whether full bloom, shedding, or barren.  At the core,remains always their truth.  

An unalterable core that is infinitely connected to and interdependent with all of life.  

Just because their leaves fall, does not mean they stop synthesizing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.  They continue to fulfill their key role in the world, wearing their sense of self boldly, nakedly and more firmly than they did twelve months ago.

As beautiful yellows and golds reach their ripeness and begin to turn, can u shine your plain and barren truth as brightly as your visible light?  Can you wear your power loosely, knowing that it is inherent to you and may dance into itself and take diverse forms in its expression?  As you center and connect to your core, honing in to home base in meditative moments, can you trust the community that you have built to have your back subtly and quietly as they simultaneously move into a period of hibernation?  Will you dance, even if you may not be seen?  Remembering that who you are is wonderful regardless of witnesses, and that your power is worthy of you?

For the duration of this New Moon Cycle, until December 17, you are invited to strike gold.  Your own gold.  The shimmering, priceless, nuggets of your unique self.

Practice for Moon in Scorpio...remedies for poison...filling cracks with gold.

Resentments are some of the most inhibiting sentiments we can carry.  They weigh us down, attach us to the past, and fill our hearts and bodies with venom.  When she's, we shine brighter and see broader, having created more space for love, joy and trust in our lives.

This month's reflective practice to release resentment is inspired by Louise Hay.

Before you begin the process I want you to try to orient yourself to this belief: The Universe has my back and holds my best interest at heart.  The infinite intelligence of the universe has more wisdom and foresight for my most fulfilled life, than I can recognize with my limited knowledge and experience.  I trust what the world has shown me and surrender to all it holds in store.

For this process find a comfortable seat or lay down.  Take a few deep breaths, releasing tension and giving your body permission to relax.  If there is a place in your body and mind that feels stuck, ask yourself what needs to be let go.  If a resentment toward another is present, imagine that you are in a movie theater.  In front of you is a huge screen and your mind is the projector. You are hear to watch a film of joy and fulfillment.  Call up the visual of the person you feel resentful toward, and begin to fill that screen with bounty, beauty and loving relationship. Imagine that person living a meaningful and joyful life.  Let yourself be warmed by the generosity of your own heart as you set this person free, at least in this short film for this short moment.

When that film is complete, create a new one with you as the central character.  Surround yourself with places, opportunities and relationships you love.  See yourself lead a fulfilled and meaningful life with a light and free heart.  Allow it to warm your whole body with the possibility of abundance.