Finding The Grateful with Cushy


Hello Cushies! As you can probably tell, it's the end of November (yikes!) and the holiday season is upon us. This time of year is many things to many people, but for us here at Cushy, we'd like to take a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for in regards to this overall year. If I'm being honest, it's been very hard to come up with things to really be grateful for, it's certainly not anything going on in the news, unless you look at dogs high-fiving runners in the NY Marathon (which I totally did!), or avoiding all terrible news content. So, needless to say, it's been a hard year, and I don't think anyone can deny it. But, there have been some wonderful things happening over the last year and a few of us wanted to shout them out. 


I'm grateful for my friends and family; being at the birth of our newest Cushy baby with Andrea; my cat Sondheim; cups of tea; laughter when it's been the hardest and this blog. It's been a saving grace and given me a platform to voice some of the things that have been the hardest to talk about.--Liz Haebe




My husband and family. Friends IRL and online. Tea. Craft supplies. My health. Harry Styles. Brooklyn 99. Target. The hours between 9pm and midnight when my kids are asleep and I'm alone. Mini succulents and flowers. Libraries (hoping mine reopens in 2018!). Chocolate. And songs with banjos and hand claps.--Melanie Sweeney Bowen


People with disabilities. Cushy. Popsicles. Fireplaces. Family. Friends. My couch. the cardboard deer head I have hanging in my hallway, it gives me an odd amount of joy. Vodka. Sparkling water. Sparkling water and vodka. My dogs. All dogs. The headspace app. yoga. My house. Books, Mountains. Travel.--Lori Fierro


I am grateful for my husband, my kiddos (both with and without fur), all of my plants (no matter how aggravated I get when I accidentally over-water one/drown it with my love), Korean tv dramas, the smell of rain falling on the creosote, chickens, nature, birds, snails, Washington state, books, and the morning chill. Oh, and my friends are pretty cool, too. I feel like a dick for giving them no love!--Adriana Siler


I am grateful for my family and my friends, new and old, the roof over our head and the heat in our home. Im grateful for my husband and for the love he has for my family and I’m grateful that Rufino is such a chill and perfect baby.--Andrea Navarro-Rodriguez


I’m grateful for the times my dog’s lip gets stuck in her teeth and it looks like she has an underbite. I’m grateful for the days I get to carpool with my work wife. I’m grateful for my wonderful, challenging, stimulating, and sometimes frustrating job. I’m grateful for the means to rent a tree house for my husband and I’s fifth wedding anniversary this weekend! I’m grateful for WiFi, Neil Gaiman, Netflix/Hulu, shots of espresso added to my coffee, living in a state where the leaves actually change color in the fall, coupons, and you girls!--Danielle Schadler


I'm grateful for books // for my kittens, whether they're cuddly or spazzy // hot tea or wine with a cozy blanket // for my friends and family and friends who have become family // for Cushy // for my niece and nephew who are brilliant and perfect // for my boyfriend, who strives to do his best, always // for my coworkers, who listen to my rants and make me laugh // for the mountains and the fact that I live so close to them // for our sunroom and all the plants in it.--Dani Adams


Family, friends that are family, and brave women.--Cassandra Sambrano