Fresh Backyard Cherries


The house where my husband and I reside happens to be my family home. We've had a few family homes, from El Paso to Las Cruces, but this has been our Albuquerque family home for going on seven years now.  

We got married in this backyard - held the ceremony at the top of our garden where all the fruit trees stand. We held the reception inside the house, my parents clearing out all their furitnute to accommodate tables and chairs to seat and feed everyone. It was joyous. 

The house gives us many gifts; gifts of comfort, shelter, safety, and love. But one of my favorite gifts the house bestows is the bounty of fruit from our backyard garden. 

The trees have been here since before my parents owned the house. They line the top tier of the garden wall, each a different size and harvest. Plum, cherry & apples are the promised feast. First the cherries in May, then the plums in June. Then July through August - apples. More apples than we can pick or eat ourselves. 


We're high into cherry season now, our tree dotted with bright red baubles semi-hidden by long green leaves. 

The cherries are delicious on their own - sweet and tangy, I love picking a bunch first thing in the morning and having them with coffee while reading a good book.  

But I do have a favorite way for preparing these succulent delights:  a muddled beverage.

Muddled Cherry Bliss 


  • Fresh cherries
  •  Sprite (or a lemon-lime soda of your choosing) 
  • Vodka 
  • Ice 
  • Fresh Mint (optional) 


Place cherries into an empty glass with fresh mint. Using a fork, muddle the cherries and mint together util blended. Add ice and top with soda & vodka. 



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