Morning People: N.2

 Photo by eternalcreative/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by eternalcreative/iStock / Getty Images

Do you ever have those weeks where Murphy's law rules supreme and anything that can go wrong, will? 

Who am I kidding, of course you have because we all have. That week or weeks that consist entirely of putting out fires, keeping the ship afloat, and being stretched to the point of breaking: this is familiar terrain. Logic dictates that of the approximately 52 weeks in a year, you're bound to have some shitty ones.

Mornings can be particularly triggering during times likes this because we're already tired, sore, and carrying emotional, physical and mental baggage from the days prior. I imagine a ball of snow going down a hillside, picking up speed & mass as it descends, growing and accelerating until it collides with something, or someone. 

However, mornings can also break the pattern. Mornings have the power to change the course of a shitty week by virtue of two powerful components: breakfast and your state of mind. 


Avocado Toast 

with Goat Cheese & Scrambled Eggs 

I know this is a trendy food item seen in many a boutique bistro, but honestly, avocado toast is the best and I won't argue with you on the subject. Loaded with protein and healthy fats from the eggs & avocado, this breakfast will nourish and carry you through your morning. 


  • Bread for toast - I prefer a hearty whole grain 
  • Goat cheese - feel free to get crazy and throw in some garlic & chives for an extra kick 
  • Avocado 
  • 1 egg - prepared to your preference 

Super easy > super delicious. 


Control Your State Of Mind

 Photo by leolintang/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by leolintang/iStock / Getty Images

My boss once told me that he controls his state of mind by the pictures he sees and the questions he asks. He explained that by pictures, he meant what he sees in his mind's eye. Example: let's say you're getting ready to leave work and you're picturing the traffic that's inevitably going to be there; long lines of cars moving slowly in the same direction, everyone collectively desperate to get home, tired from the day. This picture is going to ignite a mental, emotional and physical reaction. You'll tense up, maybe furrow your brow, you'll feel resentment and anxiety, and you're likely going to have some choice words for other drivers on the road. You've pictured something that's going to further add to your frustrations, and it's dictating your current state of being. 

In the morning try and envision something positive, hopeful, or comforting in your mind's eye as you are waking up and preparing for the day. Picture yourself checking things off your to-do list, picture yourself at the end of the week celebrating with a glass of wine and a good book. Envision yourself finishing that project you've been working on and the feeling of accomplishment you'll have. Envision that avocado toast we just discussed... or maybe visualizing food as positive thinking only works for me? 

Moving on: the questions we ask. Like the pictures we see, the questions we ask ourselves prompt our state of mind and state of being. Let's continue with the example of driving home in traffic. If you're asking yourself questions like "why are there always so many f&*#ing people out" or "why can't anyone use their turn signal like a decent human being" you're framing your state of mind as an interrogation you're going to lose. Those aren't questions you're going to get answers to and they are only going to further compound the negative energy you're harboring. 

In the morning ask yourself how you can make this a good day for yourself, and for others. Frame questions around broad but achievable goals: "What's one thing I can do for myself today, that's just for me?" "How can I make this a better day for myself?" This proactive approach requires mindful interaction and self-reflection throughout the day; it's a choice, just like choosing to only see negative pictures and ask questions that hinder not help. Life is out of our control, but our state of mind is not entirely a lost cause - you have leverage there, use it! Interrupt Murphy and his dumb Law and ignite a new chain of events. 



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