Morning People: N.1

I'm a morning person - always have been. I get it from my dad. The early morning hours before the sun has fully risen are his time, and he has a whole ritual around it. Growing up I remember hearing sounds of him, still asleep from my warm bed, making coffee, singing to himself, reading the newspaper. I don't have memories of him rushing out the door during the work week - I'm sure it happened - but if it did, it was the exception to the rule. His mornings were calm, methodical, and solely his. Uninterrupted and free to do what he wanted, these precious hours were how he greeted his day, and it set a positive tenor for the hours to come. 

Like him, I try to carve out time for myself in the mornings to read, write, reflect, and eat a good breakfast. But mornings like this don't just happen, and as I get older, they have become increasingly difficult to manage on a daily, even weekly basis. 

In this series, Morning People, I'm going to highlight easy breakfast recipes & simple tips to help jump start your day. Regardless of whether you're already a morning person, or are looking to be one, this series will guide you through the process of owning those few precious hours in the morning before your day kicks into full gear. 


 breakfast deconstructed 

breakfast deconstructed 

Monday = hectic chaos, therefore, breakfast needs to be quick, delicious and nutritious. For this tall order I prep the night before to make my morning as seamless as possible. 

Simple Shake 

The night throw a handful of mixed berries of your choosing, I opted for blueberries and strawberries, into a blender with some greens (spinach, kale, romaine lettuce)  and a blast of protein and fiber. You can accomplish this in multiple ways like adding a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter, but I like to use Trader Joe's Superseed Blend with Ancient Grains. It's got a spattering of sprouted buckwheat, chia seeds and other goodness. Add 1-2 cups liquid of your choice - I use almond milk, but you can use anything: milk, juice, water. 

In the morning throw the blender on, add ice if you want some texture, and toss into a to-go cup for maximum efficiency. 

Hard Boiled Egg with Avocado 

I love eggs for breakfast, especially scrambled or fried, but neither option is quick, so I opt for an equally delicious but handheld version of my morning egg: hard-boiled. 

Boil the night before as you make your shake so it's ready to go Monday morning. 

Pair with a fresh avocado sliced up in a bowl together for perfection. 


Prepare for your morning as much as you can the night before: lay out your clothes, pack your work bag, locate your keys and put them somewhere easily seen; do what you can to lessen your list of to-do's first thing Monday so you ease into your week rather than run into it headfirst. 

This isn't revelatory, it's mundane even. But it's a simple and super achievable first step in building toward a morning routine that rewards rather than punishes you. 


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