Cushy Corner: P'Tit Louis

I've never been to Paris, but a small piece of me lives there. In another realm there's a version of me and that lives in a small flat in Paris and eats croissants for breakfast and casually strolls Rue Saint Honor√© most everyday. 

In this realm, however, I eat at P'Tit Louis when I want my French fix. 

My husband planned a special Valentine's date for us there after hearing of P'Tit's special menu for cupid's holiday. 

A local favorite of ours, we've frequented the restaurant for its regular menu, and can report that their usual servings are sumptuous. Offerings include French staples such as the Croque Madame, and other palette pleasers like the Mussels Rocqfort, steamed in a blue cheese sauce. 

We love P'Tit Louis for it's food, of course. 

But we love it even more for the atmosphere: with no more than 10 tables, the ambiance is always full but intimate. The owner regularly walks tables to check up on diners, which usually leads to pleasant conversation. Designed with a vintage Parisian vibe, guests are enveloped in soothing sounds of Yves Montand and Edith Piaf under soft lighting that makes everything look as though it's being filtered through a vignette. 

P'Tit's special Valentine's menu was an exercise in decadence: fresh oysters with caviar, lobster bisque and steamed mussels in saffron, lobster oscar and petit fours for dessert; everything was pleasure itself. 

We enjoyed a perfectly romantic evening at P'Tit Louis for their Valentine's special, but don't wait! I'd encourage you to visit them for their regular offerings sooner than later - you will be glad you did. 

Erin E BarrioComment