Cushy Corner: Deep Space Coffee

Comfort seeker that I am, I'm always looking for a cushy corner to post up at and do some reading or writing. 


This weekend m and I finally made it down to Deep Space Coffee in downtown ABQ. We've been meaning to check this spot out for some time, but living in the Heights makes that difficult most weekends. 

But make it we did, and it made us wish we'd gotten there much sooner. Equipped with strong espresso drinks and an attractive tea bar, Deep Space offers everything you need from a coffee shop: great coffee, great baristas, and a great atmosphere. 

I love that each table comes equipped with a bottle of still water and glasses for when the inevitable coffee parch settles in. Equally attractive are the coloring books and pencils left out on each table, should the need to color overtake you. Recommended to me by one of the baristas, I ordered the Gibraltar, which consisted of equal parts cream to espresso and it was delight itself. 

If you're looking for a nice spot to chill and read, or meet up with a friend on a lazy Sunday, I'd highly recommend Deep Space Coffee. Not only did I enjoy my caffeinated drink immensely, I also thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance and excellent music streaming into the small, expertly curated space. 


Erin E BarrioComment