DIY Decorated Jacket

DIY Decorated Jacket

A couple months ago I was inspired to spruce up my old denim jacket into something more unique and custom. I wanted to wear something that showcased all the growth I had gone through this past year, which is why snakes, flowers, and the moon are all included in my design. This is a super simple project that can be completed in one afternoon.

What you’ll need:

  • A thrifted denim or cotton jacket
  • A curated collection of patches, pins, studs, and any other bits you’d like to add to your jacket
  • Needle and thread (only if you have sew-on patches)
  • Iron (for iron-on patches)

Step 1: Find a jacket

When it comes to finding a jacket, I recommend using something you already own. A favorite hoody or oversized army jacket are great candidates. If you don’t have anything on hand, look for something at a thrift store.

Step 2: Start curating pins and patches

I recommend taking a couple months to really search for the right items to cover your jacket. Go to shows and buy patches from bands. Visit craft fairs and buy unique handmade pins from artists. Think about symbols and objects from nature that inspire you and find patches with those designs. For me, this meant moons and snakes.

DIY Decorated Jacket

If you’re looking online, here are some suggestions:

Custom pennant patches by Tuesday Bassen

Wild and sassy patches by Gentle Thrills

Pins and patches for introverts and people who like cats by Stay Home Club

Moody animal pins by The Forest Mori

Dark and silly pins by Ivonna Buenrostro

Step 3: Arrange the pins and patches on the jacket

It’s important to think about composition before you start ironing and sewing. Try different configurations of your items before settling on the final design.

DIY Decorated Jacket

Step 4: Sew, iron, and pin away! Then have a photoshoot ;)

If you have iron-on patches, follow the directions provided to make sure you are safely applying them to the jacket. If you’re new to sewing, follow this simple tutorial to teach you the basics. Pinning everything down before you start sewing is a super important step.

DIY Decorated Jacket
DIY Decorated Jacket
DIY Decorated Jacket