6 Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils In Your Everyday Life


Even if you don’t consider yourself someone who’s particularly tuned in to the current health and wellness trends, you’ve likely heard of essential oils recently. These plant-based remedies have actually been around for centuries, but more and more people today are turning back to nature, while looking for options other than just hitting up the local drugstore for all of their needs.

The great thing about essential oils is the myriad of ways in which they can be used on a daily basis. Most people who use and love essential oils are likely to talk about the benefits that directly impact their health and wellness: digestive issues, sleep struggles, head and neck tension and more. But for someone wanting to try a few tricks while reducing the toxic load in their everyday lives, you can also use these spa-like essences in crafty ways.

Here are a few of my favorite creative hacks.


It’s no secret Lemon has an uplifting and delicious scent, so put a drop or two on the inside of the cardboard of your toilet paper roll. This will freshen up any bathroom without needing to spray unwanted chemicals into the air.

Lavender & Rosemary:

Add one drop of both Lavender and Rosemary essential oils to your mascara tube, to help lengthen and strengthen your lashes. Added bonus – the Lavender will also help extend the life of your mascara!


The cooling effect of Peppermint is a quick way to bring body temperature down. Rub a drop or two (or put 2 drops in a 10mL rollerball and fill with a carrier oil, like Fractionated Coconut Oil) down the back of the spine in the case of a fever, or roll on the inside of elbows, backs of knees and back of neck on those sweltering summer days.


It can be used as a natural splinter remover! Clove is considered a “hot” oil, so dilute in a carrier oil and rub a drop or two on the affected area. Wait a few seconds and the splinter should pop right out!

Melaleuca (Tea Tree):

Due to its well-known cleansing properties (antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal), this is a great way to clean and soothe ear piercings. Just place a drop on a cotton swab or cotton ball, and swipe over piercings and the back posts of earrings.

Wild Orange:

Citrus oils are always great to freshen up the air around you, and that also applies when in a car or even an airplane! Put a drop on a cotton ball and stick it into the air vents, or wipe it along the vents, so the air that blows out smells fresh and not stale.



* When using essential oils topically, it's important to take proper precautions. Always dilute them with a carrier oil and do a skin test on the inside of the arm to ensure you won't have any skin irritations or reactions. 





Are you curious about other ways you can incorporate essential oils into your life? Let us know in the comments what else you're wondering about!