On Making a Blog

If I’ve learned anything since starting Cushy in December 2016 it’s that LEARNING is an inherent part of the blogging process. While we’ve transitioned into identifying as a digital magazine with the publication of our print magazine, our roots are in the blogsphere. From having to create the website itself, to writing and managing content, to creating visual components for finished pieces and social media promotion, blogging, and creating a digital/print product is a process that requires time, effort, and to a degree, skill.

I sat down with one of our quarterly contributors, Andrea Delgado, to chat with her on this process and discuss our shared experience. Andrea is the blogger behind My Heart Beats New Mexico, and she’s a one-woman show, much like I was when I started. We talked shop at one of my favorite local coffee spots here in Albuquerque, Zendo, and what resulted was, ironically, a hilarious adventure/crash course in VLOGGING and the art of choosing a proper location. Hint: it’s not a public coffee shop. #learningcurve