A Spell for Mondays In Fall

Witches are so very in right now. Perhaps it’s the political climate here in the U.S., perhaps it’s because it’s October, or perhaps it’s the swelling tide of women’s’ insistence on being treated as more than just a vessel for men to fill with the results of thousands of years of self-loathing and privilege born of patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

*Ahem. Where was I?

I was raised in an evangelical Christian household, but my father’s family is the peculiar blend of Catholic and heathen that comes from the jungles and mountains of South America. Santería is the South American and Caribbean blend of African and Christian and indigenous belief systems, shifting based on which people made up the local church. It is a curiously polytheistic kind of monotheism, believing in the Holy Trinity - in and if itself an acknowledgement of polytheism under One God - and also in saints, both Catholic and local, recently-demoted gods.

Growing up in Southeast Alaska, this same phenomenon was prevalent. We believed in Jesus, but also in Raven and Bear and Eagle. If one is lost in an Alaskan rainforest, it helps to have the local deities on your side; after all, Jesus has no physical manifestation to lead you home.

I came into my own belief system as an adult; I call myself an atheist because I don’t believe in gods, but I do believe in focus and energy and the threads that connect us to everything in the universe. I believe that gently plucking those threads can have an impact.  

All this to say, Monday mornings can be tough, and Fall makes my thumbs prickle. A little spellwork can be just the thing to focus a week.

A Quick Little Spell for Mondays in Fall

Gather the following things:

  • A cup of something hot. Preferably fragrant and steaming - I like chicory coffee with milk, no sugar, but you do you.

  • A candle

  • A match or lighter - I prefer matches for spellwork, but again, do what works for you.


Settle yourself near a window. Warm your hands around your cup, and as that happens, pull the heat up into your heart. Hold it there.

Light your candle, and as the flame steadies, pull that light into your mind. Tuck it into a corner for when you need it this week; we all have moments when we need a little extra light or fire.

Sit up straight - good posture is so important - and whisper or say or sing or shout, as you need, three times over:

I am enough for this week. My eyes and heart and mind are connected, warm, and bright. We are ready.

Open the window - just for a moment, it’s probably cold! Blow out your candle, and send your intention into the world.


Drink your warm drink and go forth into mid-October like you have the power of all the women who came before you coursing through your veins. Because you do.