No Trump Allowed

No Trump Allowed Blanket Fort.jpg


We begin by gathering blankets and extra sheets. As many as you can carry in both your arms, balance some on the top of your head, if you may. Bring a marker and piece of paper, or cardboard if you have some. After all, what is a blanket fort without a “No Boys Allowed” sign? Except this time, and at least for the next three years, the sign will read “No Trump Allowed.”

Scout a location. The living room, spare room, bedroom, or study. If you live in a studio apartment, start draping the sheets across your refrigerator and onto the couch. Anywhere will do, really. You’re welcome to move furniture. Do you have a broom? Ironing board? Set of dining chairs? Great. Use to build height and interest to your fort.

There are only a few rules. No sexist pigs, no assholes, no negative festering energy. No cellphones or news updates. Allowable items: those pink and white animal cookies (the ones with the sprinkles), shadow puppets, pencils, crayons, paper, silence, witchcraft and giggling. Sometimes solitude. Sometimes screaming. Mostly giggling and scheming.

This is a safe space. But also a place of resistance. Less like hiding. More like fortress. It is here we lay down our roots, write the words that need to be written, build unbreakable bonds, and organize.

In 2018 I give you permission to build your blanket fortress, a place to create yourself and your art. Invite your favorite womyn inside. Create magic alone and together. Emerge to bring forth creative visions for stronger, healthier communities. Emerge to scream and protest. To vote. To donate. To share music and food. To dance.

For the next three years, this is how we make it count. We are not surviving. We are thriving. Our fortress soft, yet stronger than any wall.

Scribble your “No Trump Allowed” sign and attach it to the entrance. Crawl inside. Turn on a flashlight and shine it through the sheets. Envelop yourself in softness, your breath, a fiery glow. Your voice, a powerful and terrifying flame.