Open up; pen to poem

 Scottish lavender saved from a Summer trip. 

Scottish lavender saved from a Summer trip. 

Admittedly, poetry has been hard for me. It's something that flows naturally but sporadically. It's not the kind of writing that comes easily under pressure but when I'm in the right mindset it has liberated me greatly. I have found freedom in my chopped thoughts and streaming consciousness; it doesn't have to make sense and it doesn't have to sound right. Poetry doesn't have to live up to a preconceived ideal about what constitutes a poem in the first place. Through poetry, I feel peace. It's an outlet, like many other forms of writing, and it is a way to express what I feel and think without saying it outright. I can speak in metaphors, rhyme sometimes, make alliterations that define and highlight what's on the top of my mind.

Often what I write about is gibberish- a way to take out the trash. Without the expectations of formulating a sentence- a complete thought; a beginning, middle, and end- poetry allots me the freedom to jump in wherever. A thought will emerge, a collection of words that iterates a mind state, but perhaps also with a ring to it- a zing in its delivery. Like any art, poetry is also subjective- some points hit harder than others based on one's own relatability to the content. 

Timeless poets I admire include: Alice Walker, Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou, and Rupi Kaur. These are women who have faced oppression head-on and risen above it. They are inspiring, enlightening, and honest. I am humbled and uplifted by these great humans who push boundaries and encourage self-reliance as well as loving freely and supporting others. 

 "Who does she think she is? I am what I will be. I will be what I will be. I am who I am. Can you imagine?" Inspired by The Books. 

"Who does she think she is? I am what I will be. I will be what I will be. I am who I am. Can you imagine?" Inspired by The Books. 

Below I have shared some of my own poems. Advice I have for writing poetry: get it out. Loosen up and let it flow. Dare to be dull- it's okay if you've got nothing. Write "nothing" until something else pops up. Free write every day. Describe your world. Start at the surface and dig deep. Speak honestly and openly about anything. Start with what you know to be true and then explore. Ask questions. Make comparisons. Find similarities. Like anything else, it takes practice, consistency, and willingness to break free. Often we are our own worst critic, whether influenced by beliefs, family ideals, social standards, etc. Don't consider rules or feel confined by how others have done it before you. Fuck the standards and speak from your heart. Pave your own path; voice your own truth. Do it for you. Through liberating yourself you give others the freedom to liberate themselves. Happy writing. <3 


Let us not take this planet for granted 

United, we can stand it

Havoc's in the hands of the humans who demand it 

Under stated plans put on the back burner 

Devastated clans, swept under 

Rug turned 

Skirted secrets revealed 

The confines of this construct consume us

Fast track, center, to the forefront 

A chant for the pain of the fallen 

Rise up to the challenge 

The chance to change 

Is before us 


Reveling in the Revenant


but it’s not just that that looms over me

it’s my own fears, 

the deep seeded torments of my past

standing dormant in a path 

looking toward the future with reflective shades on

fading in the current here and now that is presently 

your presence is requested as a guest in seven, heaven

nothing i write ever reads quite right 

always misconceptions and degrees of slight

flight in my brain, high traveling 

watching my life unfold

unraveling the travesties that haunt me, still

life-size fallacy



my eyes across the screen

scan the scene that was my dream

living in new york city


lavender and flower
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