I'd Rather Be Making Stuff...

On any given day if you happened to ask me "if you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing," my answer undoubtedly would be that I'd rather be somewhere making stuff. 

I knit, sew, collage, embroider, and am trying to learn to crochet and hand-stitch. I'm not great at any of these, but I love doing each of them. Practicing gives me peace and what I produce brings me joy.

I love that March celebrates National Craft Month. It's the dawn of Spring and outside, everything is in bloom, and everywhere I look I'm inspired to make and create. "Craft" as a hobby or profession celebrates the genius and ingenuity of the human mind. To be able to conceive of something, like a sweater or a landscape, and have the hands capability to build that conception, is truly something to be marveled at. 

That's why I'm so pleased to be participating in my third round of Tete-a-tete playing cards through the Women and Creativity organization headquartered in Albuquerque. The organization puts together an annual, month long series of events that celebrates women's creativity across disciplines. 

To participate in the tete-a-tete, one submits an application through womenandcreativity.org (applications closed March 12th - sorry guys), the org mails you 10 plain white card-stock pages to decorate however you wish. Participants send their masterpieces back to Women and Creativity - the staff mixes them all up, and send them back to everyone who played, so each of us has our own beautiful set of playing cards from other women artists. The tete-a-tete cards are aimed beyond just New Mexicans, and the organization encourages national, even international play. The purpose of the game is to celebrate creativity, and each round I've participated in I have marveled and what I have gotten back. 

I love this initiative and the organization's purpose - to celebrate creativity, especially women's creativity, across disciplines. While March is the perfect catalyst for celebrating women and creativity, I feel I should be celebrating, and making, not just in March, but every month. 

So I'm challenging myself to create or make something at least once a month. I'm giving myself broad parameters for this challenge because "craft" and "creativity" can be taken to mean so many things, and used to make so many different kinds of things. I'll share my creations with you once a month through a Cushy Creation series where I'll detail my process and outcome. I would love if you would join me in this challenge, and create something too! Submit your creations to my Facebook or Twitter pages! You can find me by using the handle @cushy_blog. Tag me on Instagram, or use the hashtag #cushycreation to share your work! 

Erin E BarrioComment