Heartfelt Tea

Diana Bishop, heroin and main protagonist in A Discovery of Witches, an All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, loves her some hot tea. 

I can relate. I grew up on hot tea. My paternal grandmother would serve it to me steaming hot with plenty of cream and sugar. I watched my mom prepare a cup for herself most every morning, learning her ritual. A dear friend of my parents used to pair it with fresh homemade custard that she would dole out to me and my brother after we'd been swimming in her pool for hours in the hot El Paso sun. 

Tea is important to me. It represents a tradition and a ritual, one passed down to me from family and friends, each with their own unique signature and practice. 

Tea is important, too, for Diana. Soothing and comforting her when in distress or experiencing anxiety and fear, Diana's approach to tea mirrors my own, and that of the women who taught me how to make and drink the hot elixir: to ease woe and bring comfort.

Below is my recipe for a home brew that will soothe & comfort, giving you the cushiest of pleasure. Pair with honey, lemon, and a good book. 


Drive green tea leaves 

Dried Jasmine flower 

Dried Chamomile flowers  


Blend together using a mortar and pestle


You can then use pre-made loose tea bag filters, or some of the fancier plastic or stainless steel ones, but I prefer to make my own. 


Take a coffee filter and trace out the shape of your teabag - I made mine into a heart for Valentine's Day. 

Thread a needle with some thread and begin stitching around your pattern, leaving a small crevice open to fill your bag with your dried flowers and leaves. 

Sew the crevice up after you've filled the bag, then triple knot your thread to seal. I tied a button on to the end of my excess thread to give me an easy way to extract the bag once steeped. 

Bring a kettle of water to boil - make sure it's boiling. Pour piping hot water over your tea bag and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Remove tea bag and add honey or lemon to your taste. Sip & enjoy! 




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