Disrupting Newspaper Headlines


In March I received my blank deck of cards to play along in my third round of Tete-a-Tete through the Women and Creativity organization headquartered here in Albuquerque. The idea is to decorate your set of blank cards as you wish, send them back to HQ, they take everyone's blank cards, shuffle them, then mail back a mixed stack of artistry for participants to enjoy and celebrate. 

In my previous two years I've used thread and yarn to decorate my blank cards for a textured final product. This year, inspired by Natalie's post on collaging, I'm using newspaper clippings to adorn my cards. 

Lining up my copies of WJS and the Albuquerque Journal I traced a couple of dominate trends from their front pages and headlines. Of the 12 copies before me, all of their headlines depicted violence, death, and political friction. There were little to no headline news on or about women, and headlines contained consistent use of negative and aggressive word choice, "Pause in Violence Ends Abruptly," Dead woman on 1-40 a mystery." Even Sports headlines employed this kind of language, "Jordan dominates as the Clippers pound the Lakers." 

Bad things happen, all the time. It's important that we stay apprised and aware of some of those bad things, so we can engage & participate, so we can know and share, so we can track & monitor. But it is not necessary to know all the bad things, just as it is not necessary to only report on bad things. If we are constantly inundated with negative news stories it's easier for us to maintain negative thoughts and perspectives about the world, our surroundings, and the people in it. If we are not reminded of good things, at least at a the same clipped balance as the bad things, it's easier for us to lose hope, patience, and perseverance. And we need those things, desperately, because like I said, bad things happen all the time. 

I wanted to disrupt these headlines and inject messages of hope, resistance, and love. Focused on women-centered protagonists, my tete-a-tete cards are re-imagined headlines written in three word poems. I chose sparse headline titles to highlight the words chosen for each card - words that embody strength, light, and bravery.

I hope my series, once separated and re-packaged with other artist's pieces, will be small reminders of love and hope for those who receive them. More than anything, I look forward to receiving my package of tete-a-tete cards to love and cherish. 

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