more than just a blog 


Who We Are 

We are a vibrant digital community supporting and helping one another share our creative gifts through our multi-modal platform. Our content is as diverse and unique as each of our community members, and managed and edited by our Senior Editorial team for our print and web presence. We foster safe and inclusive spaces for our members to explore and play with private group spaces for members to vent, collaborate, joke, and seek help or mentoring. 



“I love writing for Cushy because it feels like my more vulnerable writing will be safe, but there's also so much room for fun/creativity/play and trying things that are maybe outside of my wheelhouse." 



"The Cushy editors are communicative and organized. As a contributor, I have the autonomy to write about issues that matter most to me, and a supportive editor to keep me on schedule. Although Cushy is a mostly online community, it feels warm and inviting - I think I've finally found my home." 

What We Do 

Our community does more than just blog (but we do plenty of that, too). We leap into the unknown, take on creative ventures, start new businesses, forge paths where none existed before. We share our individual talents, skills and passions to help better one another, thus bettering ourselves.

Our Founders work to provide several platforms our community can contribute through and try out: 


why we exist 

Our shared belief is that community is key: key to our personal, professional, and creative growth and progress.  We exist to support and raise up each member of our community to feel confident and safe to express themselves through our multi-modal platform. 


Get Involved

We are always looking for new contributors to join our collective of writers, artists and entrepreneurs.  Interested? Click below to learn more.  

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